Do you see the signs?

I’ll be truthful, several similarly related occurrences have been, well, occurring as of late. Let me be more specific, do I see the signs? You’re right, that was even more vague than before; but all I can really do is share with you what I’m referencing too.

Have you ever had the feeling that something is pointing you towards a certain direction? That has been me for a while now. I’ve been drudging through life in this perpetual gray state of disillusioned awareness and  I am oh so tired of going through useless motions to do things that matter not in the scheme of life. However, I can see the signs that are telling me that my time to scuttle on to my next chapter, but life is holding in me place at the moment. Isn’t that a tragedy? How about you? Do you see the signs?

1. Signs to quit your job and travel the world

2. 5 professionals give it all up to start a new career and life 

3. Gave it all up to cycle the world with my dog 

4. The 15 things a road warrior never travels without 

5. How can you travel the world for cheap or free?  

6. How to travel the world when you have no money 

7. How to afford a life of traveling abroad 

8. Black, Asian, Indian, Native/First-American, Latino/Latina: You don’t have to be a white, skinny, blonde, blue-eyed American to travel the world 

9. Travel the world according to your astrological sign

10. 5 depressing things to come to terms with about moving abroad

I see the signs, but what to do with them?


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