U.S. struggles

I just turned down a teaching job that is just up the street from me. It wasn’t something that I set out to do, but I think in the long run it will be what’s best for me. Let’s start from the top.

I was hired by a so called christian university that’s a 5 minute drive from my house last week. I went in and filled out my paperwork and was offered a ‘temp’ Associate ESL Instructor job where I would be on probation for 3-4 months and only making just over $900 bucks a month for 2.5 hours of teaching, Monday-Thursday for their second term. Cool. I recall wondering if with their 65% Saudi student enrollment, and only 85 students to begin with, coinciding with the Muslim holiday Ramadan, would this be a suitable job to acquire? The answer is no. But lucky me, I found this out sooner than I’d thought.

Everything was all worked out as of last week, but Sunday night I received some rather peculiar cryptic like e-mails from my coordinator. Basically they had a group of Central Americans pull out of the program at the last minute thus leaving me, a new hire, with a load of shit on my face. Tough luck. So I was told that I was put on ‘sub status’ until further notice. Well, further notice came in the form of a most curious e-mail that reads “Ashley, I may be able to offer you those afternoon hours.” I had a few problems with this message. First, may is not positive; either you do, or you don’t. Secondly, he didn’t say ‘teaching’ hours, did he? So what exactly would I be doing with this so called offered afternoon hours. I e-mailed him back something to the effect of ‘may? how do I know that I’ll have a job after Mrs. L returns from her months vacation next term. He’s answer was basically, I have the hours if you want, need, and would do them. I turned him down in the end. I didn’t want to be at the whim of their enrollment. I need a job and money at the moment. I didn’t feel the need to fill his void, which could only be temporary, and potentially pass up something that would be longer lasting. So, I’m back to square one. I feel like I live in this four walled square too. I suppose to should start paying rent on it.


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