There are a few things in life I can just roll over for, by incompetance at a high level is not one of them. Let me be more specific-in a position of ‘power’. So I’ve been working for this unnamed English gruelhouse company since December and turned in my resignation letter last week. Why so early? You can’t pay me enough to babysit GROWN ass adults, students or otherwise. I’ll explain a bit more. I was never given nor told exactly what my students need to learn until the program was nearly half over. My director, as she puts it, “we don’t want the students to go to another school if we don’t admit them,” shovels more students into my B2 (or is it? I’ll explain THAT in a minute) level class thus effectively breaking the tiny room we were occupying and finally upgrading us, and finally rewarding me with a teachers desk and chair, to a larger room more equipped for her Tom fuckery. So, before quitting, I had 16 students. Now this may not sound like a lot, but when you have students coming 5.5 weeks into an 8 week session, Houston, we do in fucking-deed have a mega problem here! But try to explain this to THIS woman. Jeez. Oh but wait, it gets better.

This all started last week when this “b!7ch pulled me from my class for 2 MOTHERFUCKING HOURS to explain jackshit to me. Here’s what she said. “Ashley, you have 9 students failing. That is the most out of any teacher here. Maybe some will fail, but not 9.” Hmm…now granted, maybe my teaching style doesn’t suit everyone and I can OF course improve upon many things teaching wise but let’s break this down even further. I have the most failing. Ok, fine. But what does that have to do with other teachers? Besides that, let us not ALSO forget that I have the most students out of 10 teachers. Bitch. Not only that, she has the audacity to try and patronize me by showing me the gradebook as if I weren’t the one who put the grades in there; as if I don’t spend my days with these lazy complainer students. Furthermore, as if I didn’t already know that they were failing and most likely already spoke with the student about it. That pissed me off. However, that wasn’t the icing on the cake for me….

She then precedes to try to explain to me that this book, War of the Worlds, that I’m having them read (which mind you, is at their supposed level, which is B2 AND is an easy reader) isn’t appropriate for their level and that it is in fact, too hard/high of a level. I try to explain to her that the book is B2 which is upper-intermediate which it says on the back; her rebuttal is that this has an IELTS level of 4.5 (I think) and that’s basically high enough to read at the college level. So, okay, I try to then explain that it’s not that they can’t read it, it’s that they don’t want to read, don’t like to read, and just don’t like the book; they think it’s boring. She then boldly proclaims that those are indeed the same thing and that I should “throw out the book” and that it’s too late to order a new one so I should not read another one for a few terms and to check with her before ordering it so that we can make sure it’s “appropriate.” I tried to tell her they can read at a higher level and that the class ahead of mine is reading a novel (Charlotte’s Web). She didn’t want to hear that. Silly-just plain silly.

This “director” then brings up that fact that most of the students started going down hill after watching the movie Selma and then blames their falling grades on the film…as if that’s even feasible. She then uses this as a springboard for her to trash the idea of the movie and throw in a side jab at the teacher that invited my  class saying “I don’t know if someone told you, but it’s not okay to leave class earlier.” I told her I’ve never done that anyways… She was referencing back to John, who she subsequently has exiled, who she had a meeting with just prior to mine. Anyway, she told me that the movie was too hard for them, it wasn’t appropriate for learning English (although it’s in English and had everything to do with our next chapter on “appearance” as it’s about race/ethnicity and if that isn’t appearance…then I just don’t know what is), and is the sole reason they didn’t come to class the next day. I tried to tell her that they most likely didn’t come because it was a really nice day outside that day, but she had it in her mind that that is what happened. Simplemindedness will kill us all, I swear. By this time I was really pissed and just wanted this meeting to be over because I could see she wanted me to understand that what she was saying was correct and that there was no room to compromise.

That, for me, is not a healthy environment and I just kept thinking, if you strangle something long enough, it’ll eventually die; if you strangle something long enough, it will eventually die. She’ll never get that concept though because she’s on some power trip and is out to prove to everyone that she knows what she’s doing and is capable of being the director of her fathers’ company. She is, however, inept to do the job efficiently and because of it, her company will flounder; I for one had no plans to be around for that and I refused to put my name on any ore of their shit. No longer would I be stressed from her; no longer would I have to wonder about things that were never told or if what I’m doing is just going to be complained about by the Ss.

The fuckery continues; Last hour I had my students wasting valuable time in the computer lab taking an achievement test (again, this is week 6 of 8….) and doing survey’s about a term, class, etc that has not ended yet… Perhaps I’m a bit slow in the head, but does this make sense to you?? No? I didn’t think so. What also didn’t make sense is why she was pulling Ss out for “counseling” during this test to see how much one has learned… Stupid. If ever she had a brain, it surely wasn’t working at that moment. She ruined the testing environment by doing this and also their state of mind/focus on the test. That shows me you don’t care how well they do on the exam. My poor minions. 😦 I felt ever so, so very sorry for them at that moment in time. However, this gets better because during these “counseling” sessions of hers, she created THE most awkward environment by having me, the Ss , her and some other person doing god knows what, and basically, in my opinion, trying to weasel out of the students (more or less throw me under the bus) what I was doing (work wise) to create this failure on their part. They, however, happen to love me, and would look back at me for support while she’s trying to strong arm them, they told her the truth though, and that, I was proud of. 🙂 My little minions. ^^ I do love them you know. ❤ BUT…my favorite is when she, breaking her own policy that is 100% in the handbook, tells two of my students that they can make up this movie review that he missed bc he was…sleeping. Yes..that’s right. I said sleeping. He even told me this a few weeks ago whenever I asked him. However, she doesn’t ask him this before saying that he can make up his assignment and thus created more work for me to do when he didn’t do anything in the first place. I love that; I just fucking LOVE that.

I had a final meeting with her on Wednesday that I think was a waste of both parties’ time. I told her some things about why I was quitting, but she still never feels completely open and available, and I told her this. I asked if T come to her with suggestions and I feel like she lied to me when she answered me “yes, they do often and I sometimes take their suggestions” because I don’t know a single teacher that goes to her because she shoots you down and tries to dismember you because she’s head honcho, don’t ya’ know. I recorded the whole convo as well. I just told her It was great, but not a good fit and i’m sure the Ss like the place still; she asked me why and I told her my thoughts. Though the whole thing she seemed very sad and I’m slightly happy about that. I also hope that she lays her pride down and stops trying to control everything. In the end, though, I left on a hug and for pay for work I didn’t do last week. You can’t beat that, I guess. 🙂


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