New Beginnings

Yesterday was a momentous day for me…

It all actually started Wednesday with a call from my Aussie co-worker he suggested that I apply to OCU’s ELS. Now, I thought it a bit weird that she was giving me this suggestions since they never get back with me and that company is actually their competitor. She did say that, “you didn’t hear this from me” though. I went ’round there the following morning, as I had already spoken with the IELTS testing man the day before, and was just going to drop my resume off, but was kind of confused because there weren’t proper signs denoting a secretary or anything. I ended up choosing a balding red-bearded man whose office was across from what appeared to be a student lounge. He was a comical man and I gave my spiel about how I was just dropping this off and how I wasn’t sure if they were hiring or not. However, I did look down in the middle of my babbling and recognized the man’s name one his business cards as the director! Damn. I was trying to ease out of there when he revealed that they were indeed hiring and he had me sit down for a quick chat. Now, I went over there at maybe 1:20 or so and I didn’t leave until 3:45 because he gave me an interview on the spot. Jeez. It went well, though, and it sounds like he does everything that my former director was not doing. It also appears that his program is more academic and more rigorous than the others. They’ve 85 students at the moment and it’s not quantity, but quality. The pay is 45 cents less than I was making ($17.55 p/h) and the hours aren’t even half of what I had before (only 3 a day M-Th), but I would, after a year, get my MA paid for by the uni and obviously health care, etc., plus I could work on my Commint Languages things which by the way, Mr. TAP is going to allow me to use his space to teach a demo lesson in, but that’s for later. All-in-all, I feel better about this although I’m nervous about my abilities and if it’s really the right decision for me when I could go teach at OU or do the international student recruiter thing, which is really what I’d like to do. But as Monkey said, “look at the long term, not the short” and I think he’s right.


Now…on to Mr. TAP…

I needed a space that was large enough for perhaps 10-13 students and he has allowed me (free of charge) to use his downstairs area! Huzzah. Ugh..Mr. TAP *swoons* I need to start my marketing campaign on the Southside and in Asian district so that I can get some Ss!  I’m still confused on how much I should initially charge them, but I guess I’ll figure something out. In the meantime, I’ll call up Raindrop Turkish House to maybe do a session with them too. Let’s see what we can do!


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