Please, do NOT hold the applause for yours truly! Guys…I think I may have hit the jackpot with this new job! They give you a week long orientation where you go around and get acquainted with their facilities, staff, instructors, the program AND I got an X-mas bonus of $230 after having only worked there for 5 days! Huzzah! Life is good. I also love how they have lesson plans, curriculum/books, projectors, (small) library, access to unlimited tree killing paper printing (yeah, okay..this isn’t such a great thing but it can make or break a lesson plan man!), free/unlimited coffee/tea/candies, laptops (I’m sticking with my trusty ‘ol turquoise), and lots and lots of support, among other things. 🙂

I’ve been stocking up on readers for my “personal” classroom library. Hopefully I won’t lose my books and I’ll be an effective teacher. Eek! The horrors I’ve just imagined happening.


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