“It’s a party, It’s a party, It’s a party”

Thursday was their commencement and surprise party. It was really beautiful how they did it all and they each got certificates and walked across the stage in their elegant clothing. It was great. The teachers each got certificates and they gave us framed OSU Cowboys (vomit) pictures of our classes. I was thinking of how I could NOT display that upon my walls as I went to their rival university, OU, but in the end I realized that I wasn’t going to go through all of that effort to blot out all of the OSUs on the picture and frames and just settled to let it hang on my wall. Everyone looked so great! Some of my minions I didn’t even recognize without their trademark jeans. To be honest, I should have charged them to take pictures with me. I mean, I took over 60 with them! And no the majority were NOT my students. In fact, I didn’t know/had never laid eyes upon many of them that wanted a picture with me. It’s another one of those ‘you’re tall, black, with natural hair…eh we don’t have many of you ’round our parts’ type of things. However, they don’t make me feel weird about it like Georgians, Turks, and some Asian countries like China, Japan, etc. do. I understood well what was happening but the way they went about it was quite different which I sort of appreciated.


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