As Say’sha says, “that’s that bullshit!”

I get a text message Saturday evening from a co-worker asking what she should do since one of the Proyecta (mind you, he was neither one of our students) students was “stranded at the airport.” Now I’m not going to lie, I was unconcerned. I told her I didn’t know what she should do but let me know if she needed me for something since she’s in Stillwater (1.5 hours away) and I’m in OKC (20 mins. from the airport). She texted me back a little later saying that he doesn’t have any food and if I’d bring some to him; just some granola bars, water, etc. She later updated me that there were now 22 of our students there and many without food and delayed flights. Well fuck, I thought. If it had just been the one student, Dante, I’d have just let him crash at my place, but 22 is too much. So I took my ass on to WallyWorld up the street and grab some stuff for them but as I did so I got ever more increasingly pissed off at the situation. Why is it that OSU couldn’t be bothered to pay me as we agreed upon and and the program ended the day before (on Friday) and I’m leaving my house on at 11:30 at night to grab food for people who aren’t my responsibility. Allison and her mother said they’d pay me back, but I was having NONE of that. I called Rodrigo’s ass and he of course didn’t answer. Fortunately, at the same time, I got a message from Omar saying he’d bring them some lunch tomorrow if I went ahead and grabbed some stuff for them right now. Yes! So I ended up only paying about $38 or $30 dollars for it all which isn’t a lot. Then…Rodrigo called back and I bitched him so hard about his lameness that I swear people in Chiapas could hear me! He gave me some bull about how ,”as far as he’s concerned, it’s not his or OSUs problem because their program ended the day before. And “how they should have managed their money better.” He said some crap about how it’s funny how they were complaining about having no money but then went crazy “with shopping” when we went to the malls on the weekend…Yeah, that shits all fine and well but I let him know that It’s not my problem and he’s right he should be finished since the program has ended but it’s for DAMN sure not my problem and he needs to sort it out because I will NOT get calls in the middle of the night because he’s not helping people and they have no food. I let him know that I had no idea what he advised them to do the day before, but in the future….you need to let them know. He keeps telling me how it’s not my problem that I’m not obligated to give them anything. Huh. To this I reply that I know I’m not obligated to give anyone anything but I was raised better than that! I told him that if I don’t bring them something and they’ve only $5 a piece and they get at a high altitude and something happens to them, it’s on him and OSU/IAS/ELI, well they get no more students. And if they’re dehydrated and haven’t eaten in several days, well they’re liable to pass out and guess who’s in trouble with the embassy because “it wasn’t their problem.” He told me that he was on his way to talk to them at the airport and tell them to quite bothering the teachers, more or less. He told me how he doesn’t care because the way he sees it, their parents could wire them some money…How asinine of him. It’s late Saturday evening and he, as a Mexican, thinks that these students (some were on complete scholarship plus they’ve no money to spare with that nearly 14-15 peso to a dollar) will be able to find some place to wire money on a Sunday…when nothing is open…It occurred to me that he, as a Mexican, is doing them no justice and me, a non-Mexican, is doing it all. Aint that some bull! At the icing on the bullshit of cake night, he tells me that “we don’t know, maybe these guys are trying to scam us out of something.” Like, trying to bleed us dry, more or less… Wow…So I grabbed my food and headed out there to the airport where I was greeted by some of my students. They were glad to see me. I asked if Rodrigo was still there and he was so I went over there to tell him that they never asked us for anything that Allison and I were concerned that they weren’t eating and we brought them food. I also let him know that he “is not allowed to misrepresent my country.” I won’t lie. I loved the shock in his face and the way he shrank when I told him that because he fucking deserved for being so damn callous. The students were of course grateful and as I told Rodrigo to tell them to get the bags from the car and as they bring them back in I hear some other women that works with him count up 40 students…well they were flabbergasted. It’s amazing to me how they were both in OKC all fancy like and people are starving. Well to sum up, Rodrigo put some of them up in a hotel and brought the others some food, fruit, etc. Score 3 for Ashley and the students. Because of this, I feel like the students see me as some sort of savior for bringing Rodrigo out and brining them some food because I keep getting friend requests from people I don’t know.


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