My two dates

I had some videos that I made about this I thought…but I of course don’t know how to upload them.

At the end of last month, I was tired of being in soul suck Manisa so I posted that I wanted to meet up with some people over the weekend to just have a coffee or something. I also decided to go ahead and call that tennis instructor Loni and I had met early in the month to get some info on tennis in the city. What I didn’t anticipate was the weirdness that ensued and having a seizure in my night class and being rushed to the poor excuse for a professional hospital that is across the street from my school. My bruise is still healing from their abuse to my veins/ body that night. They thought I was faking it I guess so they were hitting me in the face and pinching/twisting my nipples! What. The. Fuck! I took the next day off to recover from my medicine and Cihanger took me to dokuz eylul hospital in Balçova, Izmir. It was better but I’m not convinced that they know what they’re doing and that we actually have health insurance..I’m pretty sure we don’t have the latter. But I digress…

I posted in couch surfing and had several replies, from men. I wasn’t too impressed and again I’m even less impressed with Turkish women… One guy’s post stood out to me first, because his page was verified; second because I could creep his Facebook page, and Third, he’s a professor at Ege University and attractive. So I took the plunge and added him on Facebook. We chatted for 3 or 4 hours. He seemed funny, chill, and had an..interesting sense of humor. I know I’d found myself a nerd. Haha. So he asked me on a date towards the end and I was at first reluctant, but eventually I gave in and agreed to meet him the next day in Bornova.

Lucky me! He lives nearly around the corner from Demet! First he walked me though Küçükpark, then to Bornova Forum, which is a large shopping center near Ikea. We chitchatted over Caribou Coffee then headed back to Kpark for a baked potato with the insides mashed and mixed with cheese and fixen’s which is called compir. It was okay. Afterwards we went for some hookah and then I had to catch the 10 o’clock bus back to soul suck Manisa. All in all, it was a good first date. He had potential. For instance, he’s extremely tall. 6’2 or (188)..I think. He has a mustache. His hands and feet are of a normal size. He has dark hair, dimples, and nice buns 😉
Later in the week we went out again and watched the awesomeness that is the Hunger games! Oh ha! It was great. We got in some good kiss/cuddle time (it was cold outside ;)) and it was just nice to be held. I guess I missed that and didn’t even know it. We went out again over the weekend and I had such a shitty week I couldn’t help but to pay the bill…yeah..that was a good decision..He’s rather large too. I suppose I was duped by those other men…or maybe it’s just Aegean men. 😉 yum. I felt kind of strange because it wasn’t really a good decision to do as I did but I couldn’t be bothered with those thoughts at the moment. ANyhoo, he cooked for me and I could tell that he definitely knows his way around a kitchen and his mushroom thing he made me was delicious! Later we cuddled and watched les revenants because he said he likes sci-fi type shows plus he used to live in Belgium so he knows some French..that he’s forgotten mostly. Shame. AFterwards we grabbed some nuts and drinks because he likes to watch shows/movies with nuts. So Turkish. 😉 After all of that, we watched the Colony and sucked balls. Ugh. The next morning we gathered ourselves, and went fro breakfast and someplace that is always packed. I ate something that was yummy, but who’s name I’ve forgotten. Damn. After that we went and spent like an hour in the bookstore trying to find books. Well, I found out early on that they don’t have the books I wanted (DELF/DALF) and afterwards he was looking at language books and travel books while I was looking at the small English section and magazine section. I headed back to my soul sucking place after that.

The tennis instructor

Nejat is his name. Loni and I had met him back in November when we were trying to make a copy of something. We were actually going with his friend, the georgian and ballroom dance instructor, but he was waiting on Nejat. On the way there Nejat was hitting on both of us we thought and was extremely intense and full of energy. We parted ways with Loni giving him her number so we could hang out or something later on. We didn’t hear anything more from him until I contacted him nearly a month later to help me find some tennis things. He was too excited and misinterpreted my call as an invitation apparently. He was too excited and made a plan to grab a coffee and gab. I cancelled the first one but the next one I went and he was hitting on me. He wanted to be with me and was complimenting me and surprisingly (not) we didn’t talk about tennis. We had some cakes that were mediocre and he wanted to meet up again later for a “date”. I was so uncomfortable, why did I go? He said purple is a great color so I wore a purple turtleneck and black skinnies. We had dinner at x-tanbul and the food was meh but he was way too intense and nervous and doing the most. He wanted to kiss me, hold my hand, put his head on me. I felt like I was in high school again; and he’s 39! He’s also short and born on 29 Feb. Strange. After dinner it was cold and we just chatted. He asked me sexual questions like if i’d been with a man, if I liked sex, ever been with a girl, etc. I was thorough. He took me home and we sat and talked in the car. He was trying to feel me up I think and wanted me to put my hand on his chest and had some strange sexual thing for that…i was through. I made him take me home and he apologized profusely. We were supposed to meet the next day and though I called him, he never met up with me or returned me calls. Good riddance.


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