Finishing Bornova, Izmir

I talked about Bornova with Demet from two weekends ago. She asked me over to her place because she knew I’m having such shitty time here. It was Friday and I ran home in-between classes to grab some shit and go home with her, bazar and her husband and Nevin. They chit-chatted about America and guys and other stuff. Bahar didn’t say much though. She seems to be rather quite anyways. It was my first time in Bornova. It seemed to be such a university town and quite vibrant and buzzing. We walked a bit to her apartment near Passport Pizza in KucukPark (the most famous part of the city). Once at her place, she helped me with all of my shit and we headed up to her floor where I met her nanny, Mauvis(because she was born with blue eyes that later turned green. ha) and her 18 month old, Duru, and 6 year old Deren. They’re sweet kids and the youngest was still being breast fed! Demets mother had dropped some food by earlier and Mauvis had cooked so I sat down to deliciousness. Afterwards her husband came and I wasn’t impressed by him at first but he opened up later. He’s a high crimes lawyer and works  a lot. I didn’t think he did much with the kids though. Typical [Turkish] man perhaps. afterwards we just talked and then went to bed because we both worked a 12 hour day; 8 of which was straight teaching. I slept in Derens room while she and the girls took her room and the dad, Eren Ufuk, took the other room. Their apartment is nice. I came on the next day so I had such terrible cramps, as did she, that we didn’t do much. We ate some breakfast, then walked around a bit in the city before the baby got cranky and our cramps were killing us. We chit-chatted a bit more later after the kids took a nap and I played with some play-doh with Deren while Demet made some food and the baby slept. That evening Eren came back and we had an interesting convo. He advised me not to go to the jumping pubs across the street because it wasn’t safe for a single women. Damn. He also told me he started an olive oil business and we looked at an atlas to see where he could sell some things at. I ended up liking him more. He’s full of spirit and he and Demet are cute together. The next day we had some breakfast and I went to a cafe to call my mom up. Deren then took me shopping at Ege park and to Bostonli were I fell in love with the seaside walking area. Damn. There are even basketball and tennis courts right in front of that sea! UGH! Interestingly enough, Sadik leaves around the corner from them. Small world. I found a pair of over the knee black boots that I’d been looking for. They were on sale for 250 lira-down from 500. We had some cay and listened to a live performance where they gave me some coins to give to the guys as if I were a kid. haha. SOmetimes I feel like one still though. Also, Eren came with his friend, whoms name I can’t remember, who is the head of the Jandarma; an agency of the police. He’s nice. Didn’t speak English but was a good sport. THey both thanked me for getting that out of their jobs and on to the boardwalk. They seemed to genuinely mean that. Demet and some friends with kids over so I was grateful to not have to deal with kiddos. Ha. I later helped the oldest with her homework thus making Demet happy and for her to again mention how  I am good with kids. I am great with kids, they just make me uncomfortable so I avoid them; they’re still drawn to me though. Once I was at RIcky’s ball game and was in the restroom when some random child started talking to me. I was a little shocked, but played along. Later her older sister or whoever was looking at me with the oddest look of suspicion and wonderment because apparently the little girl never speaks to anybody and she was quite surprised that she did to me. She then asked how I got her to. I told her that I didn’t she spoke to me first. I was literally ignoring the child. Strange. But how it usually is with me. Always. Anyways, I was suppose to head back to Manisa with her parents but they didn’t come so I stayed another night, checked out how long the commute would be if I moved to Bornova, and went to school the next morning. Also, on a random note, Demet made some cake that took me a minute to remember where I’d tasted it before. It was like a cake Gran used to make! I almost started crying and new that all of my prayers to her and the rest of my ancestors had been answered because they sent Demet to help me. Most likely Cihanger too; although I think he helped just to have a contact in the states. I’m positive actually. I do love Demet for everything though and even bought her a scarf from Vakko that she was apprehensive to take. She had bought me a nice evil eye, yes finally, butterfly necklace and I had bought myself my first Hand of Fatma (Fatima or Hamsa). Score.


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