As my passport didn’t come, I’m still in Oklahoma. In light of my frustration at missing my groups orientation and possibly missing the other groups’ as well, I’ve calculated just how much money has been shelled out on this whole Spain fandango. Here it is:

  1. $525-UAH (tuition)
  2. $103- apostilled documents($25 + 3 credit card charge for 4 documents)
  3. $160- student visa (in Houston, TX)
  4. $100- gas to drive from OKC to Houston( +30 for food for 6 days-I stayed with a family member there)
  5. $20- for two sets of fingerprints from the police department (I’ve heard that these are free if you go in your district but that could be a TX thing and that’s not what I did)
  6. $20- FBI Check (**THIS TAKES LITERALLY 5 WEEKS!!**) 
  7. $18- (OSBI-not necessary but the FBI one was taking too long)
  8. $248- BEDA course fee
  9. $13- passport pictures ( I already had 4 sets from Turkey so I didn’t pay for this this summer)
  10. I bought a free priority mail envelope but you can buy a normal envelope but there are some that are $5.60
  11. Return flight from OKC-IST and flight from IST-MAD (about) $800

Grand total: $2,024 

Unfortunately, I don’t think the passport will come tomorrow and that I will have wasted lots of money for no reason, really. See, because if I don’t get it by tomorrow I won’t be able to attend the other first years’ group and thus not able to work and earn enough to pay tuition at UAH. Sigh. It’s become a clusterfuck. AND I still have to buy another ticket with is sure to be at least $1,100 since it’s short notice! 


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