Turkish men can be such creepers. There I said it. I’ve gotten more random messages from trolls perusing random fb groups I’m in pertaining to Turkey that it’s ridiculous. So, in light of this, I’ve decided to remove myself from these groups:

1) Istanbul Instructors Network

2) Foreign Women of Istanbul

3) Istanbul English School BLACKLIST

4) Istanbul English School GREENLIST

5) Boğaziçi Housing


7) Buy, Sell, Swap in Istanbul Turkey

–Eski Beyrut-club


–jobs in izmir, turkey

–Istanbul english teacher network

–foreigners living in izmir

–manisa dans akademi

–expats saver @istanbul

–we love istanbul

–izmir english speakers

–foreigners in istanbul

–and one last one not from Turkey but there neighbor to the NE, Georgian Wanderers
    — people of Color in T’bilisi



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