Good-bye Turkey, Hello Spain!

Alright, It’s been a looooong while. I know. I’m sorry. But, I’m back in the States now and I’m very happy to be home..but I’m leaving in less than a month for Spain. “What, what?! What happened in Turkey?!?!” Here’s a short run-down of what occurred; Everything. I was attacked. Twice. I actually ended up quitting my job because of one of them. It was a lousy job anyway. I was so happy to leave turkey but unfortunately for me, I’m going back. Not because I want to. By all means, I was hoping to not return, say, ever..but It made sense to me to buy a roundtrip back in April when I was leaving as I had rightly anticipated that I would be in Spain this coming year. 


I had applied for the BEDA program at the end of January and was feeling too overly confident I think at my prospects of being accepted. What a tool. I was also applying to a masters in Teaching English as a Second Language program in Alcalá de Henares which I heard back from first. Let me tell you…this has all been an ordeal. But one thing Turkey has taught me is to keep as calm as possible and resist impatience. 

At the start of May I was accepted for the MA in AH and was required to pay about $500 or so to reserve my spot. This amount comes off of your tuition and I happened to be lucky that daddy had given me $1000 for both my birthday and x-mas (I obviously wasn’t here for either). I then had to get a series of things apostilled (which I had no idea what that was or where to do it at) which is pretty pricy here in OKC ($25 per sheet). I ended up paying $78 for the whole thing and I sent off my stuff. Too bad I was foolish and didn’t make copies even though I thought to myself, “gee, I should have made some copies” as I stand over my envelope. Forgive a poor fool. Around this same time I received word from BEDA that I had been placed on the waiting list which I was more than pissed about as some other people I knew had gotten in no problem. But I let it slide since I had been a little specific in my placement request. However, several weeks later I had not heard any news from them and I sent my contact an e-mail. Oddly enough, she got back with me within a few hours stating that “I’ll hear from them right now.” Spooky. Congrats to me! I was placed in a school I had already looked up and was on my list to contact sans BEDA if I wasn’t placed in the city I requested. Also, I’ll be working just 18 (the minimum) amount of contact hours a week teaching ages 6-16. “Gross.” I thought at first. But I recognize a growth area when I see one so double hoopla for that. I also had to pay a fee for some course at the uni for them and I’m now trying to wait for the damn FBI to send back my background/fbi check. sigh. On an up note, I’m set to be making over $1000 a month teaching and with my tentative schedule at UH, I’ll have just evening classes; and not everyday! Yippy! On a less than stellar note, their classes are a bit more basic on the service than I’d like. Sigh. Oh, I’m also the recipient of the Miguel de Cervantes graduate fellowship. Hooray! I receive free housing in a shared room with some unknown in the universities residency. ugh. I hate sharing…especially my space! I enjoy not seeing a living soul when I come home sometimes. My problem now is that I couldn’t find a job this summer, big surprise, so I have absolutely no money. Stuck under my parents’ thumb again only this time they also don’t have any money. So, I can’t find my own apartment in Alcalá or Madrid proper because of it. Damn. The immediate goal after this program is to be finically stable and have a job. Seems simple, right?

Well, because I have to fly back to Istanbul (barf), I found a moderately cheap flight from there to Madrid but here’s the catch, it’s with Ukrainian air. Fck…I hope they work their shit out before I get there. Similarly, my fellowship has made it clear that they will not be having any rooms available before Sept. 15 even though their website has said it would be Sept. 1…Spain..stooop it. So, to combat this inconvenience I checked and found a family in AH that needed someone. Unfortunately, or not, they don’t live there anymore but have moved to Madrid city. Either way, I’ll be profiting. I will be close to AH if I need to hope over there during the 2 weeks I’ll be with the family; I’m near BEDA’s orientation/training site..ish; I’ll be in Madrid, duh; and, hopefully, they will be like a family away from home for me. Their girls are super adorable. I think that they are between 7 and 9 but I’ll only be working with the older of the two. I look like an older sister to them I think since we all have this big, gorgeous curly hair. I’m not sure where their mother is from though. I feel like her family is from Equatorial Guinea..but I have many questions as to how she left the country if that is indeed her ancestry. I just really hope that the girls and the family are sweet natured and loving. I really would like them to be like my family. I have a good feeling that we will be close. I feel like I already love them! 


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