Where to look for housing in Istanbul

I’ve done a few posts like this but I’m too lazy to go back through. Here are a few lists for exchange students, expats, erasmus, and EFL teachers looking to find places to rent in this gargantuan city:

  1. http://istanbul.tr.craigslist.com.tr/
  2. http://www.mymerhaba.com/
  3. http://www.sahibinden.com/
  4. http://www.hurriyetemlak.com/

 Also check Facebook

Bogazici housing
Property for sale or rent in istanbul
***JUST FOR THE LADIES** Foreign Women of Istanbul
Istanbul apartments
For teaching jobs, check Facebook groups

Istanbul greenlist
Istanbul blacklist
Istanbul instructors network

I’ve also heard you don’t want to live on the first floor of places because mold from humidity can be a problem. Walls are thin here people so plan accordingly. Check how much sunlight your place gets. It’s fucking hot here in the summers. Unless you’ve got the money, seaside views ain’t happening. Apparently anywhere but Tarlabas is okay to rent. Cihanger, Bebek (expensive), Etiler (expensive), Tarabya (extra expensive), Rumelihisarustu, Ortakoy, Fatih, Besiktas, Levent, Levent 4, Mecidikoy, Kadikoy, etc, are decent places to rent. Others probably are too, but they’re not near what I need to do with my life/job. You should make sure that your chosen place is so that you don’t waste your life in traffic


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