I’ve been hired!

I had two interviews this week. Well actually four but I cancelled two others with Wall street in Istanbul for tomorrow and British Culture for this evening. My first interview was with New Horizon College in Etiler. I took the 559c to Police Okul bus stop and proceeded from there. The neighborhood and facilities are NICE. I was well impressed. The staff seemed very friendly and spoke some English. The two gals at the front, Melis and Esra. I chatted with Melis the most as she came right up to me, plopped down and had a convo. She studied French and, like me, has forgotten a lot; though she has been tutoring a boy for nearly ten years in it. She was great and if I worked there, I have a feeling we’d get along swimmingly. She does salsa and invited me to come with her in Taksim one day. I was super early so we waited together and I was of course offered some tea. The head boss finally came down, his name is Bora, and we went up the stairs to his office. It was quite bare and didn’t have a personal touch. He was a little cock-eyed and had an accent, though it didn’t sound Turkish (surprisingly it sounded Brazilian). HE was personable and told me about the job, asked me if my uni was a well known one and in the top 100 (it is). The pay was for 80 contact hours a month, 20 a week, and for 2500TL a month. YES! It’s perfect. But they don’t get you health insurance. He seemed alright and the facilities were very nice. I think I’ll enjoy working for language companies more. let’s hope at least

Yesterday I interviewed with EFINST International House-Istanbul in Levent. I was also very impressed by their facilities and working staff and atmosphere. People generally seemed to be happy and there was a light airy electrical feel to the air. I wouldn’t recommend ordering from their canteen though as it’s pricy for no good reason. I got a 2 tl tea…yep. All I’m going to say. On up the stairs is where the main office is and classrooms are. I was a few minutes early. The girl at the reception desk also couldn’t understand my name; Ashley. hmm…is this a bad sign? I found humor in it instead and waited for nearly 15 minutes for the director to get out of a meeting. She was an interesting character. I thought she was British but apparently she is an Aussie. Oops. First thing she said to me when we sat down was if my certificate was online. Nope. We had some other awkward things too. Like how I commented on her loopy handwriting and she said that has been said about her personality. Umm..what? I wasn’t sure if she was testing me or now but she asked me several questions about my certificate program and L1 type things, books that I used, what I taught, how Manisa was my first teaching gig, going over lesson plans, etc. It was an hour long ordeal and I was a little uncomfortable; I guess I did well since  I was hired. She also asked how much notice I gave CBU before leaving. I said maybe 20 days. She was still unable to get ahold of Asu, John, and Melissa, but the latter two responded. I don’t expect Asu too. She has no reason to treat me that way but whatever. Benefits: Free language lessons (Turkish), health insurance, work permit/residency permit, half time travel pay, accommodation stipend, a large network of schools. She considered me still a newbie (as did the NEw Horizon) and they’re paying me lower. Sigh. Should I fight this? I feel like I should. The job pays Full time at 1700+ TL a month for 30 contact hours of teaching (oh ha!) with 500 TL or so accommodation stipend; 3/4 (23 hours) time with 345 TL or so accommodation stipend 1,400-1,600 TL; and ½ time I can’t remember how much they pay or the housing stipend because I want the money. I interviewed with my branch manager afterwards and she was also a bit strange and seemingly tired. I didn’t have anything else to say to her so I just parted ways with her and she said she would send a list of places to look for apartments at-which she did. And that’s it my friends. 


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