As I sit here with some buddies in Istanbul, my friend happened to casual mention some dating customs here in Turkey. If you’ve ever dated or lived abroad, you most likely have encountered or thought this. When I lived in France, I had all sorts of questions for my French friends about dating in France. For example, the American practice of casually kissing someone at perhaps a party means you’re “dating” (the French have no word for dating actually) that person. Now that word is used loosely, but you could be together for a long time, or just a day. My friend, Simi, was telling me about his ex and how it’s not the same as it is in the States. So naturally I was intrigued by that. He told me that in the states, you date first, then you’re bf/gf. He then told me that here, there is also no dating, you’re just bf/gf and after just a few months (let’s say 2 or 3) either the man or woman starts talking about marriage. Ha! If that’s the case…I think that I’m dating several people at the same time right now; Sadik and Enes. Oops. ignorance gets me again.


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