Next step?

Guys, help me out. I don’t know my next step! I don’t particularly want to stay in Turkey. I mean, if I get hired to that job in Istanbul I’ll stay throughout the summer I guess, but I really don’t want to stay in Turkey. I just want to visit several places I didn’t have time to last year and then I’ll be satisfied. I don’t want to go back to America either because I’m tired of their bullshit and racism (don’t forget i’m from the South-by way of Oklahoma). I’m not confident I can find a job there so why go back? I mean, I don’t have a MA and it’s too late to apply for one now anyways. I like Europe and their mentality, for the most part, I like the freedom and that they’re not so blatantly racist towards me; though I know this isn’t true for several places. So I’d like to stay here. My only problem is money I guess. 

I was thinking of doing a masters in France, but again, no money to get started and all of my money is in lira, a useless currency in the global scheme of things. Apo, my French girlfriend, put in some work for me and we might have a lead on a job in her city, Toulouse, but it’s been a week now and I haven’t heard anything from the director of that school. I knew it was a long shot, but there is an American girl now that has been there for seven years so who knows. I had an interview with an Aussie uni doing work at a university in Jinan, where Zee, my roommate from Georgia has been living for a year, but idk what happened with that because our interview never manifested. Oh well. I’d like to work this semester and then go to China for the summer and then fly back home for a masters and to be with Penny boo hoo. I found out last week that I can’t import her to france like I had originally wanted to. Fuck! She’s such a baby, why can’t I bring her dammit! So, nevertheless, I’m looking at Woofing or workaway. I won’t be making much money, well none most likely, but I’ll get to travel around. That wasn’t my goal this time though. I honestly wanted to just work. Interesting how things work out. Well, having said that, where should I go folks? Since I’m still in Turkey, I could stay here for another month in perhaps Bodrum. Greece, Cyprus, France, Italy, Germany, Malta, or the U.K. I also thought about places outside of Europe, but I’m afraid I’ll never make it back home or something so god awful will happen to me. I know I’m not the most beautiful, but for some reason, I attract bad people and I don’t need that outside of the states or Europe because most likely nothing will happen to the perpetrator and I’ll be left with my scars or perhaps dead.
On a lighter note, I could also do some type of au pair; but I really don’t want to look after somebodies kids. So I think I won’t do that. I don’t want to do one on one tutoring or teaching somebody a language. So I think I won’t either; unless it’s for money. Seems like it’s too much effort for no pay. 


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