Moving day

Moving and residency permit

Moved out of my apartment Monday night. I can’t say I was too unhappy about it since our landlady was being a true bitch and trying to scam us out of thousands of lira. For shame. Loni and Andy have gone to Spain for a month. I don’t know what my next move is. Mustafa went with me to the police station and helped me extend my residency permit/change it to a tourist one. All you need is your passport, old residency permit (that’s not expired), a photo, an address (I obviously didn’t have one so you’ll need a sponsor if you don’t have one), a contract from that apartment, or if a foreigner is sponsoring you, they need to have an id with them, and something saying where they live, or a turk just needs to pay like 50lira and have an id and say they take responsibility for you. You also need to go to a notary (this took ALL damn day) so you can get a paper saying all of this (50 lira). Before that I had to go to my local  tax office (vergi dersi I think) and pay $35 (77tl) for this paper (i forgot what it’s for). You pay more for however long you want to stay here. I wanted only 3 more months (i’ve already been here nearly 5).

I’m not back at my dearest Enes’ apartment. He’s leaving for Adana tomorrow though. I figured I’d go to his hometown, Zonguldak, and visit my pen-pal (from Manisa oddly enough) from high school there. Hopefully she responds. If not, I’ll go to Istanbul since I have an interview on Monday; or maybe I’ll just go to Cappadocia or something. I’m hoping it gets warmer so that I can go to Trabzon. I have my heart set on this place. Haha. 


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