Last few weeks

After I told Asu I was leaving, I felt such a release from the strong hold soul suck this place has held on me lift ever so slightly. I then told my students a few days later and was thoroughly perplexed at their sadness that I was leaving. They hated your class (and I swore me too at times) and fucked your life a bit during the year. Anyways, they threw me a party and I was none to sad to leave those little bastards (well some of them). 

New Year’s Eve I packed a small bad and flew out to Istanbul but before that, I ran into that one student, Emre O., who is love me. Ugh. He wanted one last picture. I heard from Aygul that he and some other useless students were going to drop the course anyways, good riddance. He was flying back to Mersin, his hometown, and it dawned on me that he was waiting for me because he had asked me what time I was going to the airport a few days earlier. Creepy. Seem he had a serious crush on me, he was mostly sweet towards me. Bless. I said one last finally goodbye to him and, even though I said maybe we’ll meet again someday, I knew as well as he that we won’t ever see each other again. That was kind of sad actually; strange feeling really. 

I landed in Istanbul and promptly got slightly lost. Well the havas driver was speaking so low that I couldn’t hear my stop, levant, being announced and I got off in Taksim on NYE. EEK! I was slightly terrified but after going the wrong direction I just walked up to some students and asked them where the stop is I need and the bus (559c or 42R). They were so sweet and helpful; something I truly love about Turks (most of them). I went to the stop and asked one more girl, non-English speaking though, and she was so eager and helpful and was luckily going to Bogazici campus as well. I was lucky because I still had one pass left on my 5 pass card from the month before and I just sat and glanced ever so often at my new friend to confirm that I hadn’t missed something, though I did know where I was going by then, we finally reached our stop, parted ways and I called up to Raheem, who never answers his phone/ it was out of credit because he was leaving in a week, and I called Esad for Mehmets number but sense I was a few hours late, I figured he wasn’t home anymore. Raheem was there though and so was his twin whom I had no idea about. I stopped dead in my tracks because it threw me off for a sec. He seemed sweet but had a dirty look in his eye; no telling why. He and three other of his friends came in from Texas and were flying out to Rome the next day. I chit chatted with them and went to get ready for my first New Years outside of the states and most likely the best I’ve had thus far. 

I was supposed to be meeting Merve and Justine, but they were acting so strange and not returning calls and such that I took mehmet up on a previous offer and headed to a rooftop bar party (20tl entrance) and had a blast. I was the most beautiful gal there and it felt great to be free and myself for once in the four months I’d been here. Also, I was the only black chick there so I’m sure that had everything to do with it. But anyhoo, I was there with Mehmet, Micky, Joost, Inci, and some others. Raheem peaced out right after midnight; he’d been doing everything with his friends/brother and he felt bad that he was partying and they don’t drink; plus they didn’t come anyways. Joost and I got rather close that night. He’s a sweet guy and I may or may not like the sound of German. 😉 After several drinks and numerous attempts to find the drunken birthday boy Mehmet, who is always missing during such events, we finally gave up and chit chatted on the balcony where he confessed that he too had been in S.Africa and stayed there for a year. I was surprised because he didn’t tell me that when I had met him back in Oct. just his other friend who I really had the hots for did. He went there on some christian trip and I again was surprised. I asked if he was religious and he said that he was kind of. Hmm…i thought. As we continued talking it dawned on me that he really wasn’t paying so much attention to what i was saying because he would glance down at my lips. Haha. As I noticed that, perhaps I gave him a strange look or something, but he just came right out and said he wanted to kiss me..Yea, should have seen that coming but damn him he caught me off guard anyways. He’s an excellent kisser though 😉 He also apologized for the last time I saw him when he aggressively tried to get in my pants. For shame indeed.

I ran into some guys who thought I was a model, and most certainly not an English teacher, and wanted to take my photo because they’re photographers and own some business. They should me some pics and they seemed nice so I agreed. That was my American politesse coming out because I knew, and I told them this, that I’m leaving in two weeks and may or may not do those pics. Meh. Regardless of that, they were nice and I’m not sure if Joost got some how jealous of the fact that I was having a convo with them, but we didn’t hangout again after that and when I went looking for him, I saw him with some other girl on the balcony and they were most certainly making out; though he denies that they were.

I went home at like 3 something, drunk, ears buzzing, and quite pleased with the way things unfolded that day. I had taken Mehmet’s keys so he came home not too long afterwards and, since Raheems buddies were all over the living room and I assumed that Esad had come back, I slept in Mehmets room. Yeah, mistake for the second time. I found out later that Esad was indeed not home so Mehmet, as he always is when he’s drunk, was soooo aggressive and trying to get in my pants. Not impressed I’ll tell you that right now. He finally gave up and we went to sleep, both hungover. We were so lazy the next morning (hmm…let’s be for real here, it was the afternoon) and we just laid there in his bed and chatted before he went around the corner to aperitif, whose food i’m never impressed with, and ate up some stuff. All of us, mehmet, raheem, micky, etc, were STARVING! haha. Justine joined us at the end and I took her on a tour of bogazici; as if I know what the fuck i’m doing or leave there. I did well though. I showed her the campus that she instantly liked, and we caught up with each other since we haven’t’ seen one another for exactly three years! We walked along the bosphorus, near the old fort, bebek, etc, and finally ended up at a Starbucks were we discussed everything! It was so great I must say. She finally asked me something I have a feeling she was wondering about for many years, what happened to Jean-Marc and I three years ago. I told her what I could remember and she was flabbergasted. Haha. He’s such a tool. It was getting late so we headed our separate ways and I went to have dinner and a restaurant called Lokma (yes I’m aware of what that is) for Mehmet’s b-day.

It was great! I had the best pide I may have ever had and met a really sweet Turkish guy that has been living in Norway for several years. He’s getting married next year to a Russian. He made the night enjoyable because he had such a friendly nature that for some reason, I didn’t see in the Aegean region. What happened to them?! Joost was also there but we didn’t talk much as we were sitting on opposite sides of the table. Caitlin was there though and it was the first time I’d seen her since Bayram so that was nice. She and Mehmet were having a dispute because he disrespected her and she was having NONE of that. Good for her! Shame, yet again, on him. 

Are you still reading? 

A few days later, Raheem took me to an absolutely fantastic mall that had like six floors to it! And when I say “took me” I really mean he just showed me because he bought up EVERYTHING and I had just two measly bags. hahaha. He’s great to go shopping with. I totally love that kid!! I found a cute studded skirt to wear for that evenings festivities with Justine, Raheem, Joost, and I (Funny thing, we all have j or a in our names; i have both and it’s abdul raheem). That night was so so because Raheem was being a pest to Justine and the clubbing wasn’t so great, but it was better than nothing and we went to nearly all of the places raheem and i had first gone to when we first arrived. Joost again apologized and for some reason was trying to convince me that nothing happened between that girl and him. I had to remind him that I don’t give a fuck, we aren’t together, and he can do as he wants; but for the record, I know what I saw. He vehemently disputed this and said, “if a German guy says that something didn’t happen, it didn’t happen.”…wtf is that!? He eventually realized that he didn’t need to explain himself to me, but continued to anyways. Idk why he felt the need though. We walked Justine back to her place where Raheem promptly threw a fit because she didn’t invite her up. W.T.F! He was literally super pissed. Joost was trying to defuse the situation but he was talking shit about my girl and I was having NONE of that BS! As our taxi dropped us off near campus, we were going to grab some food since it was 5:30 am by now. Raheems drunk ass takes a walk through a rose patch to me and Joost’s dismay. We were done with him after that and were soooo confused as to how he got solo damn drunk! Joost, as a german he said, wasn’t drunk; i had stopped drinking because I’m terrible at it and just got over a terrible hangover. We ordered our Cig Kofte (well I did) w/ Ayran and tried to sober up. Raheem was still steaming and left early. Joost and I finished up and walked back to our respective places; but not before getting in another make out session. It’s interesting how he didn’t try and take me home again. I appreciated that. 

I was fucking sick the next day; i had a fever and everything. I missed out on epicness with big and little bros Esad and Raheem. They went to a hamam, took the new under Bosporus metro, etc. I also missed out on Cappadocia with my roommates because I was fucking sick. DAMN! I also couldn’t even recall that conversation with Loni…yeah, I was truly messed up. Late that night my fever broke and I was alright. Perhaps it’s because the fucking Chinese place round the corner put beef chunks in my supposedly veggie spicy sour soup. MF! 

Sunday we all went out for brunch at Rumeli Kale, a place that Mickey and I enjoyed but the boys just complained, where Esad nagged us for not eating everything. I couldn’t, literally, they eat so much here that I just couldn’t. Later that afternoon, I took a bus to Ankara to see my dearest Enes. 🙂

That was such a bearable bus ride. Just 5 or 5 ½ hours. Not bad. We had such a sweet week with each other. He made me brownies, dinner, took me out, I met up with Ferhad and Asli. I just love them. We ate at an AMAZING TEX-MEX place where I had the best damn quesidilla of my life and then later some really great sangria. I left that night to return to soul suck Manisa to move all of my shit because Oner, our land bitch, was being an epic cunt. I can’t explain to you how she was trying to rob us. She threatened to sue us, call in some “favors” take us for more money even though she already kept our 2000tl deposit and we were paying our bills for the previous month. Damn. What a way to leave. I made sure to leave bad energy in the house as did the other two. She is getting a talk from Yunus and Selim because she was being a bitch and lying and consequently fucking his life because he was a signee on the contract as well. Word of thumb, even if you work with someone, and you trust them just a bit, get your contract translated professionally and in your language, and make sure you understand everything. She was lying about the contract to us FOR NO reason! Like, we legally had to leave the country! We couldn’t stay here! It’s her countries fault, not ours. But she threw a tantrum anyways. The woman is seriously crazy!

I spent one night at Mustafas awesome place! Man..he pays just 500tl and has 3bdr, 2 ½ bth, two balconies…man. it’s a sweet place that new and modern. The only catch is that they only want “families” to move in there so I couldn’t stay there even if I wanted to. They’d have “words” with him or Selim, who is his floor neighbor, since he recommended him to the building. This is totally illegal for them to do this and discriminates against people. I absolutely HATE this about Turkey.

And here I am now after a long bus ride from Manisa to Ankara yesterday, I’m back at Enes’ “Palace” as his internet says.  He leaves for Adana tomorrow and will most likely be gone for a week. I feel like his wife sometimes since I’m here. I mean, it feels kinda nice but I don’t want him to feel uncomfortable ya’ know. It’s weird. Maybe I’m just really comfortable here. 


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