Midterm Two

We had our final midterm for 2013. Yay we’re finished! Oh, wait…no we’re not. We still have a week left of lessons…wtf am I supposed to do with them when they’ve already completed their exam and know that I for damn sure will not be teaching anything from the book because, again, they’ve already taken their exams. Why are fucktards in management positions? Do, PLEASE, tell me! Ugh! I heard today from Egyptian Mustafa that the reason we had our exam today and not, for example, tomorrow (friday) is because Nihat (our resident lump of uselessness troll manager) has to be “on duty” until 7pm today (or tomorrow…Mustafa wasn’t very clear on this) and he didn’t want to be the only person to be doing something so he moved the day. Hmm…So REALLY, this school, and apparently life, is ALL about Nihat and his wants and needs.. I see. 😐 #epictool. 

Want to hear another ridiculous story? Well read on my friends because I have two other bits of nonsense for you!
First, is a story about American Pınar (AP). She’s such a doll (she gave Andy, Loni, and I X-mas gifts yesterday 😀 ) and no she is not technically from the States, but she has been living there for 17 years and has citizenship so she is American. Now, AP has been here for a little over a month and just got paid sometime last week I believe. Cool. See, now the problem isn’t that they actually paid her (because she’s not on contract), it’s that they didn’t actually pay her. See what I mean? They said that those first three weeks that she worked didn’t count because…who the fuck knows why, so they just paid her for a week. On top of that, she works nearly 40 hours a week! Let me break this shit down some more for y’all. This is how it’s supposed to NOT work; if you work, say, 5 hours Monday and 3 on Tuesday, you SHOULD be paid for two separate days (as Monday and Tuesday aren’t the same damn day..i’m sure we can all agree on that). These crooks said that since those two days don’t each equal 8 hours (a full day) they won’t pay her for those “days” because she only, in reality, worked just one full day by hours… hallah hallah! She was so heartbroken because she had made a promise TO GOD that she would donate her first paycheck to presents for children that wouldn’t get any. I don’t know if she meant here or in the states but either way, it doesn’t matter because she can’t give the 10 or so that she wanted..she can only give maybe 3. 😦

Lastly, my roommates.

Andy and Loni both have masters degrees from the states. If you know anything about the states, it’s that our higher education is overpriced. Having said that, they both have to pay $700 or so in student loans. They were fortunate, so they thought, enough to get a bank (well none of us have our own accounts) account (Bank Asya-Gülen sponsored) that they could transfer money to the states for free. Well they did it once before and went through an ordeal because Manisanese people are true idgets and said it was impossible when my roomies knew this wasn’t true because our piece of shit of a director, Ersel, had done it numerous times. Long story short, they finally did it, they got a receipt three days later saying it had been deposited, and all was alright. Nice. This month rolls around and they try and do it online; they transfer nearly 4000TL into their bank accounts and it disappears. Oops. Not only was that money taken from their Turkish account (I mean just Andy’s because only he has an account.. :|), but it also wasn’t in their American one! Ugh? Yep! The money was taken from their accounts and has yet to be found. He went to the bank today to try and sort it out and they made some type of headway…but they said they didn’t remember how they actually transferred that money. Motherfuckers! 


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