Teaching in Asia and Discrimination

Here is a blog post from Jana. She lived and worked for several years in Asia and I find her article to be positively brilliant. Note: you should also read the comments. As a black woman, and any non-caucasian, you should always research where you’re going and some general things people have observed/witness about their treatment front he locals. For example, Turkey and Georgia both have a staring “problem” that you may or my not adjust too. It really depends on how much of an outsider you really look like and of course WHERE you are. In my opinion, Georgians devalued me and my opinion because of my race and gender. It felt almost like I was there just for their entertainment. Turkish people haven’t been quite like this, but some believe that since I’m not Turkish that I’m a ‘slut’ and easy and they can treat me differently (and not in a good way) than they would a woman of their country or perhaps religion. I’ve run into this time and time again. Also, beware that some Turkish men LOVE black women. It feels weird to be desired like that-but not entirely bad of course. 🙂 I’ve also noticed, and this also feels epically strange, that some are racist towards Kurdish, Greek, and Armenian peoples…yeah, call me self-centered but that was strange.I’ve never been on the opposite side of discrimination and I must say It didn’t feel that much better. Anyhoo, I digress and here is a link to the post about teaching in Japan, China, Korea, or Taiwan. 


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