I quit

I quit my job today. It wasn’t something that I took lightly. No, in fact it kept me up at nights thinking about whether or not it would be a good decision or not. First of all, I’m unbelievably unhappy here. Anyone can see that. I’m smoking. Have a negative outlook on everything and quite literally would like to strangle some of my students because they’re so goddamned rude! When this is the case, a teacher must leave. I don’t want to get to that point, not that I would, but I don’t want to even be close. So I’m leaving. Also, my roommates are leaving. If it hadn’t have been for them and my sweet little Angel Enes, I wouldn’t have survived at all; and in the case of Enes, wouldn’t even be here at all. I’m not entirely relieved because I still don’t know my next move. I could try and complete my application to Marmara University, but I have a nagging feeling Turkish students will be just as awful there as they are here. I can’t handle that. Especially if the system sides with them and their actions instead of the teacher and the class that they’re distracting. No bueno and no more. Option two would be to go back home. My major problem with this is that I have no job lined up and most places in the states want you to have a masters degree which, speaking of, I can’t even apply for/move over to the school or anything else because I didn’t prepare my documents. Ugh! Option three would be to stay here and move near Enes in boring ass Ankara and try and find some language schools. I feel I’ll work too much and exhaust all of my funds. Mind you, my residency permit ends Dec. 31st and I have until the 15th of January to work everything out or pay a fine. Sigh. The last option would be to just pack up everything and go teach somewhere else in Asia; for example, China, Thailand, or South Korea. I’d like to do all of those things, but I just don’t want to really. It’s a true burden. Life is way too tough. 


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