Today was an even worse day

Gawwwd! What is going on with our students!? Was I this boring and uninterested in life when I was their age? Did I make my teachers/professors want to pop me upside the head on the daily? I’m mostly convinced that I did not. Like, I understand that we have three weeks left in the semester/year, but COME ON! 

I was so proud of myself for making what I thought was a more interesting way for students to learn some vocabulary. Their task was simple really, I had 10 questions in a word document; each was different. Some asked gave you the word and you find the definition, others were multi choice, infer the word from the definition, T or F, is this an adj or adv-something like that. My morning class seemed excited to do something else. My evening class didn’t even try. They just sat there for 20 minutes while I thought they were doing things. They always claim they don’t understand the directions when it’s straightforward. I mean, we even did a sample one together! I had written a list of words that were also from this unit that were so easy, we didn’t need to go over them. They were words like, savings, download, upgrade, etc. I know they know these words. Well apparently a group of 3-4 students just invented that they should put these words in the word document blanks…but they don’t even make sense. For the life of me, I’ll never understand why Turkish students are. so. damn. lazy. I mean, if it doesn’t make sense in the blank, should it go there? I’m no engineer but if 2+2 doesn’t=4…you’ve got a friggin’ problem! So I had the students write their answers on the board and several of them just wrote up any word. For instance, the word was supposed to be earring or fortune, and they wrote spectator and love on the board. I was through. I told them this too. I told them I was not impressed that they wasted all of this class time for no reason and that they weren’t trying and to not waste my time. I saw several of their lazy asses do their writing homework from last week in my class RIGHT in front of my desk…how is it that they’re not bright…like at all. I was literally going over some answers from a listening we just did and only two students were answering. I asked the bastards right in front of me what they were writing and one of them just gave me a sly smile, answered, and slid his paper under his book…and then opened mine. I just stopped the other two students mid sentence, looked around the classroom at the back corner who was sleeping, the others on their phones or taking with their backs to me at the front…I was done. I told them to not waste my time anymore and I gathered my things and left. I was so pissed I was trying o gather my things as quickly as possible but Mustafa wanted to talk to me. Afterwards, I ran into my bastards again and one mockingly, in my opinion, was saying i’m sorry hocam. I suppose we’ll see who’s sorry.
On another note, Mustafa told me that he talked to one of his friends and that getting hired to Marmara University is apparently really hard and that they are way better. Lord I hope so. Also, I didn’t tell you this, but I had two dates last week…guess who’s fancy now! 8)


2 thoughts on “Today was an even worse day

  1. That really sucks. Are these students from well off families? It could be that they think the world is theirs and their daddies/uncles already have jobs lined up for them so they don’t feel the need to try. I know a lot of Turks and this seems to be the mentality of the well off ones.

    • They aren’t actually. The students repeatedly claim how “poor” they are. Perhaps it’s true, I’m not sure, but I think that their families are too well off. I think the problem is first their attitudes towards learning and teachers and their situations. They complain about how the university sucks and isn’t good and that this is basically a blow-of year (my words not theirs), so they don’t care basically. They know that all they have to do is fill in some blanks and regurgitate some nonsense on their quizzes and exams. I mean, they have to have only a 60% to pass…anyone can do that without trying. Plus, they can ‘only’ miss 180 before they fail from absences… I don’t blame them for their disinterest, I blame them for being little shits to their fellow classmates who want to learn and for being a thorn in my side. :p

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