Working in Izmir

Here are a few English places that I found in the Izmir region:

  1. International House-Izmir
  2. English Time
  3. Dilokulum
  4. The English Academy
  5. American Culture
  6. British Culture
  7. Izmir University of Economics
  8. Ege University
  9. Yaşar University
  10. Dokuz Eylül (9th of September is Izmirs’ independence from Greece)
  11. YDS Academy
  12. English Life
  13. Izmir Universiy
  14. Private K-12 schools are also looking
  15. Izmir Katip Celebi University
  16. TAD-Turkish American Association-Izmir
  17. UKLA Akademy
  18. OYDEM
  19. TEOL
  20. Izmir Institute of Technology
  21. Şifa University

** You can also search for “English School Izmir” or “dil ingilizce izmir” in google.

Note: Get your money up front with some of these language schools..

**December 22, 2013**–> Check this for Prep. programs across the country


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