This past week

Last week was a bitch. Period point blank. I had a meltdown at school earlier in the week, let’s say Tuesday or Thursday. Luckily the stars blessed me with amazing co-workers and one in particular helped me. This is the second time she has in fact. Her name is Demet. She’s such a lovely soul and amazing woman that she calmed me down when the school was taking the longest time possible to get my paperwork together and again last week when I was so irritated that I was mad at everybody and the whole country that I just wanted to go home. She suggested I speak to Asu, my supervisor, about all of the issues I was having. So I did. Asu was shocked, like I already said I think, and she said she’d talk to Ersel, the dean or our department. So, the next day, he called me into his office and was just a straight up little shit. He heard the story from Asu and I’m sure she told him I’m a smoker/drinker/bony/down right upset and unhappy here, and the only thing he could say to me was “but the contract.”…. 😐 Fuck that contract! I told him it meant nothing to me because we’re talking about my health. If you are unable to keep your workers or are unwilling to hear them out when they clearly need your help, you’re a piss of shit. I won’t soon forget his actions or lack of. He also stated that I signed a one year contract and that it will be “very hard” on him since he already submit the paperwork and that we were in an agreement. This man just doesn’t know. He obviously learned nothing from living 7 years in America. Foolish, foolish man.
Anyhoo, I have my other interview with Marmara University in Istanbul Wednesday. I had a Skype interview with them last wednesday and it went well and liked them/them me. They want a contract for a couple of years and they want tons of paperwork I of course left in the states. Damn. Oh well. I will go anyways I think, just in case. But I don’t really want to live in Istanbul. Y’all know I love the sea and I’m close to Ege, the Aegean, sea at the moment and I love it. Izmir is fantastic. Traffic also doesn’t appear to be the life suck that Istanbul’s is. :p Also, I must prepare a 15-20 A2( upper-intermediate) reading lesson for Marmara.. hmm.. seems like it would take them at least 5 to introduce/FUMP vocab, 5 to read, then another 5 to go over the meaning..not enough. Imma make it work I guess. Lol. 

Weekend in Bornova @ Demet’s house

Demet asked me Friday If I’d like to stay at her place in Bornova, Izmir for the weekend. I of course said hell yeah! So I ran home during my lunch break and struggled through the rest of my 8hour class day. After classes (which by the way were weird bc a bee flew in and several of the students apparently are horribly allergic and were literally shaking from fear of being stung…we didn’t get the bee but it flew onto a coat and a Ss took it into the hallway. Then my writing class just shutdown after a little bit and just wanted to chat) I grabbed all of my junk and hopped into Bahar’s husbands car with Demet and Nevin and we headed to Bornova. It’s like a 30 minute drive since Demet lives in Kücük Park (Little park)… 


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