I sent Enes a message last night basically detailing my affection for him. I assumed he would reciprocate, he didn’t exactly. Here’s how it went down. 

  • Enes, I’m so happy that we got a second chance to get to know each other. I can’t even remember all that transcribed two years ago with us, but I sense it was my general business and some cultural misunderstands. But either way I wanted to say for sure this time around that you make me feel so euphoric when I think and am around you. I can tell that you have a white heart and I’m happy to share some truly magnificent moments with you. I’ve been feeling that for some time now and I was perhaps afraid of reaction if I told you. But either way, you make me feel like no other has ever. Iyi aksamlar my seer little cricket. Besous

  •  Enes

    I can never be that poetic in English I finaly had a chance to read. It was again a crazy busy day :S I had a horrible relationship recently Ashley, she in a way had fucked up my life. Its been some time but I have still some deteriorated mental health caused by the break up. You are one of the most charming girls I have ever seen. So, it would be pure stupidity If I reject such a girl. Yet, I don’t wanna rush into a strict relationship for now just not to lead a heart breaking. Also my boss is going to send me to Algeria in two months. I will be probably taking french classes until than. Therefore, I feel that I would have trouble to live there if I become overly attached to someone. However, I wil not definetely show a negative reaction to share something with you. How can anyone do so ?

  • Ashley

    I appreciate your honesty and I understand that you are still healing from your ex. I won’t push it. How long will you stay in Algeria?


    His response caught me off guard. I thought we would surely be together and I literally burst into tear when I read his message. It’s a rejection letter basically. “It’s not you, It’s me.” I’m working on me right now. Blah blah. Why was he leading me on before!? What’s the point!? I’m..just in such a bad mood now and I want to for sure move back to the states. 


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  1. That really sucks. I’m sorry. From my experience with Turks you really need to let them do the chasing. Not that I’m saying you were chasing him but they prefer to take the lead. Even act hard to get. At least he was honest and didn’t just pretend and then use you. Kwim?

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