No Turkish lessons but maybe some dancing

Gaw’ lee! I’m glad this week is over! We gave midterms yesterday and today and it’s just as awful for teachers as it is for students man. My 113C (int) class was so nervous that they literally were shaking. I know that several of them are good in English and they underperformed. I was disheartened a little but I know that I prepared them better so i took a bit of solace in that. I brought them baklava and they were so excited about that that they forgot their troubles for a bit. That made me quite happy. One guys face was just the sweetest thing. It was just…blissful as he munched his surprise treat. Also, apparently there is a technique to eating it; you should not take several bites from it, just shove the whole thing in. Oh, before I forget, I had one student, Volkan, who got an essay topic for his speaking exam, music, and he sang at one point during the exam. By the way, I looked GOOD yesterday. I felt it and the students and teachers thought so too.


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