Gamze’s Last Day

I really like Gamze and loved working with her. She’s one of my favorite co-workers. Well, was. Today was her last day, she’s moving to Ege university in Izmir because she is a gov. worker and they just move the teachers wherever they want to if they need them elsewhere. I’m happy for her though. Our school sucks and she literally is too damn good for it. 
As it was her final day, there was a huge breakfast for her. It was so tasty and nice to sit and talk to some people. They had hard-boiled eggs, bread (of course), simit, honey, cheeses, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, and some homemade cookies. It was great. I totally didn’t want to wake up early for that since I didn’t have the first exam, just the second one at 1:30, but I’m glad I did. Poor Gamze. She was a little bummed. 
After our huge kavahlti and me successfully avoiding the mega douche Veli, Loni and I decided to go and try to make a copy of my Turkish book from Bogazici university. That’s when the adventure begins. FIrst, I asked a chick we work with where I can make copies and she told us Besyo campus but wasn’t 100% sure which building. So I then asked Yunus and he gave us something like this, “you know the rectorate building? It’s on the left of that and u make another left… 😐 So we did that and struggled. We ran into one of Loni’s students who told us where the place was. WE didn’t find it. So we found some girl in the hallway that tried to explain to us but she spoke just turkish. we went back outside and just looked around from her hand gestures and saw nothing. FInally we saw her student again and she was telling us something when a guy from the group came up to us and asked us in English and helped us a bit. He said he’d take us over to a photocopy place but had to wait for his friend, Najit. The first guy happened to be a turk/georgian dance instructor and the second a tennis ‘lecturer’ … o.O was tooooo excited. Najit was intense. I think he was hitting on us but he was wildly European and had a sense of humor. Haha. They dropped us in the city center and the shop was so cheap! Just 16 or so TL for two copies of my 132 page book! I paid 10 for mine I believe! On our way back we spotted a fitness place that offers pilates and zumba that Loni had googled a few weeks back. Bottom line, we loved it. It’s cheap, the owner was nice, we communicated though none of us knew much of the others native language. 70Tl a month. 35$ a month. It’s not bad, just for women though. The vibe was great though and they have classes at night and are open on the weekends! Take that gym below my apartment! I ran into the cutest puppy tied up. It looked like a pit or something and had Nico’s coloring. Cute

The exam

Nothing special here. 

The exam


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