What an asshole

After much texting last night, Veli and fucked. He tried to get me to come to his hotel room since my roommates/ co-workers were there; but i explained several times that they give no fucks and even less of a damn. I did have some girl time with Loni about it though. He was so afraid of being seen by them and gossiping starting at work. I was surprised by how big he was since Bugra and Enes are roughly his height, except chubbier, but his dick was quick large. Both hands around it and they still didn’t reach the top. It hurt. A lot. Because he also was wide. Just all and all a good size. Besides all of that, the sex was the best, style wise, that I’ve ever had. We all but attacked my face when we started kissing. He sucked my lip, I tried to do more but his soup coolers were suckling hard. He was a bit too rough for my taste, especially when he started sucking my boobs. He was all but teething them. I. Can’t. Even. I don’t like my boobs to be touched and he was devouring them which I’m not a fan of either. I have some bruises on my nipples I think and I’m desperately sore now. We started out by doing an upside down 69; him standing, and me and upside down on his dick. Then some more 69 type shit. Then I was on top. I had to ease into that one because I haven’t had sex with anyone as big as him in years it would seem. So we did that for a bit before he spun we around, picked me and we fucked like that…that was fucking awesome. He blew my mind; i never knew what was next with him. He knew it too which pissed me off. He is quite strong it would seem. Not that I’m that heavy, just 135 lbs now but still…. That position hurt a bit though. We did some other usual things but it was definitely just gettin’ in for him. I could see it in his face which hurt my feelings a bit. I’m not sure what I expected . Afterwards we listened to some music for awhile and I thought he was going to stay but he was saying how he already paid for the hotel room and his shit was there. but i talked him into stain a bit longer. we fucked again and this time he wanted to do anal, which i don’t like, especially when the man is big. I couldn’t do it and he seemed annoyed by that fact. We sexed for a few more minutes and he came. I didn’t come once which i wasn’t pleased about. It’s always like that when they’re big. So he was getting his shit together about to leave and i told him i wasn’t impressed that he’s hitting and quitting it. He looked like a fly caught in a spiderweb. he left anyways and i wasn’t pleased. 

we didn’t speak much. just our normal joking around. Also when loni and i ran into him in the alley he just did some stupid salut and said hi americans, he was with a student of his. he also reported to me that a soldier was killed near the city he’ll do his military training in. i wish i’d never met him. 

I texted him a few hours ago because he promised last night that he would come back tonight. He didn’t. He said he was waiting for me to say something but I never did and he already got his hotel room. he told me not to be angry. i told him i wasn’t and it wouldn’t matter if i was. he told me he has something to tell me but he wants to say it to me face to face. i said ok, you’re not married or engaged. he said maybe. i said what does that mean? you have a gf? he said yes. i told you that yesterday. but he didn’t’ quit tell me that in so many words. what he said is that i left scratch marks and not to leave anymore because his other girlfriends would see. he joked about it. i couldn’t tell if he was serious or not. he also did not tell me that before he stuck his dick in my innards. i told him to fuck off and never talk to me again and to have fun in malatya. he just had some weak apologies is all and that i don’t understand, as if there is ever a reason to disrespect somebody for no reason and you have some main bitch????? no. i’m too through. 


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