For the past year I’ve been seeing the number 8 any and everywhere. Typically I see it as the time, 8:08 or 8:18. I see it on license plates, on the side of buildings, books, phone numbers, you name it, I see the number 8 there. It’s not just a coincidence I think. In the specific case of the clock, something tells me to look and see what time it is. I’m not sure why; or maybe I do and I haven’t realized it yet. Regarding the phone, Caitlin gave me her old samsung from her study abroad days in Istanbul to use since I was unable to register my iPhone because of stupid turkish bureaucratic shit. Anyhoo, for some reason Veli’s number/ texts keep saving or something on the phone and there is what looks like a small 08 next to his name in my inbox. I’m taking this as a sign he’s the devil and to stay away. If so, He’s been an evil that’s been sending horrendous vibes to me from across the globe and that’s scary. Something in Turkey is not right. I’m tired of this place and I want to go home I think. I was going to stay another semester to learn Turkish but there is no reason to. I’m not impressed is all that I can say. I told Veli karma will come for him two fold. I don’t wish death though. Nor do I wish death upon him from the military or some terrorists. 


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