I work with Veli. He’s a fellow Turkish teacher that took a likening to me from day one. We get along well enough. Our conversations usually constitute insults towards the other. It works. He’s tall with medium length hair with nice lips a pointy nose and small turkish hands. Seriously, what the fuck is their deal!? My day off is Wed and I had gone up to the school to see about opening a bank account. I thought I was dressing down by putting on dark skinnies, a t-shirt, and a hipster knit hat that went over my parted hair that was down…i got sooooo much attention for this. I had on no makeup, no fancy shoes ( I had on tennis shoes for crying out loud) men were stopping cars, honking and giving me thumbs up and saying shit, and Veli; Veli couldn’t keep his eyes off of me during the stupid meeting about e-books that i got suckered into because i forgot and was there by chance. he texted me later about how i really was pretty that day. i was shocked. I didn’t think he would actually say that to me. AFter that…things changed, he wanted to take me out for ice cream the next day. 
Next day
We worked late so we ended up going out for food instead of ice cream cus we were both starving. AFterwards we went for some overpriced turkish drinks. :p I knew by the conversation where his mind was: sex! WE talked in generals about some people at work, in his opinion, who are virgins. They way turks view sex, and how turkish girls do anal bc they say it’s not really sex…wtf ever bitches. ANd then he asked me how many men i’ve been with. i was so shocked and offended. i of course didn’t’ tell him. i did tell him about lorenzo and how i lost my V when i was nearly 20. We talked about how he lost his and how he’s been with, supposedly, 40 women. He said he lost his Virginity at 16 I think..whoa. So 10 years ago. We talked about how he lost his. ANyhoo, I had two glasses of 4TP wine, some turkish stuff, and I was buzzed. He had two red bull vodkas, he said he isn’t’ very religious and we talked about how he has to report for his mandatory military service this week and he’s being sent to Enes’ hometown, Malatya. It’s in the eastern part of turkey and has a terrorist problem and is dangerous. He’s not happy about this. I was kinda bummed about that too actually. AFter this we went to another co-workers office for some reason i don’t remember but the guy wasn’t there anyways so it’s just us sitting there trying to get warm and then he suggests we watch a movie. so we get the laptops out and snuggle up. i must admit, that was nice. since he’s so tall, i fit perfectly. He also has nice arms…just sayin. So the movies were lame, no subtitles, not working, or something so he brings his laptop out and put on some movies..he choices lord of the effing rings which is too long and i said cut it off cus by this time it’s midnight at least. so we just lie down. This is about the time he starts to get horny and was fucking struggling. I couldn’t leave because the buses stop at 12 and he had a hotel room round the corner. shameful. i didn’t feel like he was that big either. sigh. turkish men are you all small? three different men and you seem to all be kind of small. sigh. i suppose how would that work with your tiny hands, right? hmm… so i didn’t want it and seem baffled by that. he also made the comment, “i’m going to rape” you. …pff. He lost all cool points for his actions that night. He’s lucky he’s leaving soon because I was planning a massive “imma fuck your life” for the rest of the semester just for his disrespect. I told him the next day i didn’t appreciate that shit either. 

Thursday was also halloween; lorenzo’s bday…


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