This is in the sense that we have a new one! By the way, I have two roommates, Andy and Loni, they’re both from Colorado State University and they also happen to be a couple. I like them both a lot so far. They aren’t the party, party animals that I had before. They’re a bit mature, ya’ know? So Andy has the same birthday as Mimi and just turned 35; no he doesn’t look like it either..he still looks 23. Loni is 29 and also looks about the same age. I don’t know what they’ve been doing, but I’m gonna need to do the same. 
We rented a house from a woman, also a former co-worker, who was moving to Ankara to start a Phd program. Here house is so nice! We feel so grateful and lucky that we have the chance to live in such a place. In fact, it isn’t a house, it’s a duplex; I have the top floor and Loni and Andy have the bottom floor. Öner, the woman whose place we’re renting, left several things there for us so we didn’t have to spend so much money. I still haven’t gotten paid though so my roomies were both sweethearts and covered me for this month. Aww. I feel very blessed and fortunate to have such good people in my life. I would be struggling sooo fucking hard if I didn’t. Though she left some sofa beds in the house, I want a bed. They aren’t uncomfortable or anything, I just want a bed because I woke up three times last night and…yeah basically they aren’t the most comfortable. It didn’t make my back heart, but a bed would be better for me. I also want a stove so that I don’t always have to go downstairs and stuff. 


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