Day Of Testing

The way my school does testing is frankly, stupid. They don’t know what they’re doing. They’re trying, but they don’t have the training for it I feel. There is no speaking component because apparently with the amount of students we have it would just take too long; we have 1000 students. The rubric to grade the tests wasn’t well thought out. They had grammar, punctuation and spelling all separate, but thesis, title and content, etc., as separate boxes as well as advantages/disadvantages prompt not fitting the 5 paragraphs box. Oops. Well, better luck next time. Testing is super boring as well. To sit and do nothing for the entirety of the test. If only I had brought my books. I had an iPad, but I felt weird about using it. 

Lunch time was really nice. Cihanger, a coworker, and Serif took me out to lunch at a homemade Turkish food restaurant. I really like those guys. I thought Serif was rude when I first met him since he didn’t introduce himself to me, but I actually like him. He’s really personable; maybe a bit shy at first. I’m not sure why they wanted to take just me out. My rooms thinks Cihanger might actually be down-low since he is super into shopping and decorating and stuff. I didn’t get that vibe from him though I can’t lie and say that that didn’t cross my mind. Back to the lunch though: it was delicious.It was hotter than ass in there, but the food was good. I’m actually starting to doubt that I can continue to be a vegetarian here though. It’s really hard since veggies are sold in season, they’re a tad expensive, and not much variety. I kind of wonder if I’m taking in enough nutrients. I’m unsure if I’d be able to actually eat meat at this point. Manisa is killing me a little bit with their super conservative views, small town life, and no food, culture, and nightlife. I just want to vomit everytime I see people with their kids or getting married so young. 


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