THAT just happened!

Loni, Andy, and I went on the prowl for some chow last night. We weren’t looking for something specific, just something edible, cheap, and maybe something we hadn’t had before. we walked around and Andy spotted a place called Magnesia restaurant. Now, Magnesia is the former name of Manisa. We decided to just check out the menu since the place looked a little fancy and we’re teaching for crying out loud. As we’re checking things out, Andy notices that the menu has some English translations and just as I’m walking up the steps to creep the menu a bit, the garçon came out. He was desperately trying to speak some English but in fact, he knew about as much as we do of Turkish. He was a nervous fellow and was trying to get us to come in and all we wanted was the menu. We eventually came in after he bothered us enough. The place was kind of dark with dark wood accents and a very old, antique vibe to it. There was one flashing strobe light off to the side of us and some club music belting from giant speakers around the place. Confusing. He tried to sit us in a giant booth, but we insisted upon sitting at a table more suitable for just the three of us. Strange. as we look over the menu he’s hovering over the table, saying things..that none of us understand and he was irritating all of us actually. finally he goes away after andy orders a beer and loni and i just have some water. he comes back to tell andy they don’t have the beer he wants and what about an Efes? Andy was not impressed but took the Turkish beer. as he brings our waters we order…well actually, we didn’t because they didn’t have the pasta that i wanted, tortellini, so he said they could make regular pasta with no chicken; which was on the menu….i said ok. then Andy orders a pizza and they said they don’t have any pizza and we were all just done. like done. we said we’ll have just the beers, as i ordered one as well, and that’s it. the guy apologized and brought me my beer. we then discussed how weird everything was and how strange it was that some guy came in, waited, and left with a to go bag. I mentioned idk what was in it, but i don’t smell food. at all. and haven’t since we arrived. Loni and I were deep into our conspiracy when Andy just wanted us to calm down that probably these guys just don’t know how to run a business and that they’re too pig-headed to give in and accept it; especially since we were the only ones in there, sauf the one muslim woman that was eating bread when we came in,the prices were dirt cheap, and our waiter…but i told Andy, what kind of waiter wears sweats and tennis shoes! He had to stop then and admit that something really weird was occurring. We finally left and ate at the restuarant we had eaten at with a fellow co-worker and his friend the night before.


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