How To Find An Apartment In Turkey

It is unfeasible to find an apartment before you get to Turkey. For one, many agencies or agents don’t want to rent to foreigners for fear they’ll just up and leave (or something); and secondly they don’t want to rent to you if you’re single, unmarried and living with a boyfriend/girlfriend, or have a cat. This is some pure bullshit. One thing I absolutely don’t like. At all. Not only that, but the websites I listed on a previous post can very well not even be updated, the apartment isn’t the one you see in the pic. How do the Turks find an apartment? They walk around the city, look for signs that say “kiralık” (for rent) or “Satılık” (for sale). Mostly they just want you to buy some house in Manisa, and they push for this in fact. AFter you know what you want (for instance, the 2+2 you see doesn’t mean two bd/bth, it means 2bed/2 living room). You also can/should go to the real estate agency (emlak) and sit and see what the agency has available within your budget. Sometimes you can even barter a price with them. Anyways, it’s better to have a Turkish friend go with you as Turkey is all about who you know and if they  don’t know you, you ain’t getting shit; this rings true for your Turkish friend too! Also, your friend is there to call up the agency/person from the sign you just saw/strained your neck trying to see/read on the 5 story of this almost nice looking apartment building. 

Personally, I’m going to Izmir. Manisa is overpriced, very limited, and I’d feel more comfortable in Izmir. 


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