Was a fiasco. I keep getting asked, “do you have a number yet? What is it?…” so I had Enes take me to find a phone (sim card for IPHONE). We first had to find an official “authorized” shop to find the sim and we were literally running all over town to find that one. I had heard that Avea is the most affordable so I of course wanted them. Plus I was told Turkcell, the largest cell phone provider (like AT&T of Turkey) had some practices that weren’t helpful to foreigners. Enes takes me to Vodafone first to see if he can get a replacement card for me. This was going to work because he registered this under his name for another friend of his earlier this year. Well this might have been possible had he not forgotten his wallet (ID) back in the room. Crazy boy. She also said I had to have my residence permit to register a phone here…which I don’t. I was miffed so we went to Turkcell. They were the most expensive things ever and they’re packages were whatever…aargh. I was pissed that they again were requiring me to have this damn residency permit so I told Enes to take me to Avea to see what they had to offer. They were awesome. Not only did I get a great pre-paid package, but it was cheap. Enes told the lady that I was a student, that sly boy, and I got a slight discount. I paid 28TL (25 if I did a contract) and I get 500 minutes to any provider (domestic of course), 5,000 sms, plus 1GB of phone internet! SAY WHAT!?!? That’s less than $15 for all of that!! I..I can’t even. PLUS, now this is the kicker, I GOT TO CHOOSE MY OWN NUMBER. 😐 Mind. Was. Blown. I of course chose one that was easy to recite as I never fully learned my French number. Shameful. I was supposed to wait an hour, then activate it. It didn’t work. Sprint, my American carrier, didn’t unlock the phone as they had said they would. As a friend of mine used to say, “fucktards.” So I have to call them and see if the school will hurry up and apply for my residence permit/work permit because I absolutely can do NOTHING with it. That means now apartment, no bank account, no phone! No nothing. I haven’t received my money yet like they said and it’s been nearly a week! They’re waiting on the government education agency called YOK to do the paperwork so that I can get my contract..but I haven’t the time to wait. I need the money now. I have 74.5TL to my name plus a $100..that’s not enough. Had my friend not been here, I would never have made it through this week. Part of me wants to stay here because I like the people and the city, but the other half of me wants to peace out since they’re taking forever, it’s not as fun as say Ankara/Istanbul/Izmir.. My other friend from Dallas has said repeatedly that I need to pressure the school to give me the contract, the money, or else I’m leaving. She wasn’t happy with them at all. I’m going to call Boğaziçi later and she suggested I call Sabancı, her university, as well. I might even go back to Ankara with Enes. I’m not opposed to being closer to him. ^^ I have this nagging feeling that I will have to leave this university and the small bounds I’ve made. I’ve mixed feelings about this. :\ Right now I’ve just finished some amazing tea and the other teachers are doing nails/makeup….sometimes it’s nice to work with mostly females ^^ 


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