Turkish Men

Turkish men are aggressive by US standards. This doesn’t mean that they are disrespectful, but they think they have to make sure that you know that they are interested. Don’t forget that you are in a foreign culture. If you’re not interested, so so without a smile and a stern word or two. If you are interested, chose wisely because “kissing and telling” is a huge thing here and they are really into gossiping; men and women. So they will brag to their friends. THey will think that  you are easier than Turkish girls so beware. Not everyone thinks like this nor is everyone conservative (especially in the large cities and for the most part the western art of the country. Make sure you have your condoms with you. No reason not too. HAving sad that, Turkish men aim to please and are not satisfied unless you are. I know from personal experience. f they come and you don’t, well, be prepared for another romp. I personally spent a night with a a friends’ friend and  we had sex just so that I could come. Afterwards, he took the condom off, threw it out and came and cuddled with me…Yeah. Close your mouth. I was just as surprised as you. 


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