First Day

So it’s the first day of class. It’s been a little strange actually. I’m here now. I feel like i’m still in Georgia the way things are done here…except 1000000 percent better. So \i was supposed to report here at 9am, but nobody told me where I was supposed to report to. Someone , a fellow teacher, came and picked me up. There doesn’t seem to be much to do right now so we’ve just been sitting here all day. I. Am. Not. Happy. About this. I did review our books though and I really like them. They’re colorful, have many good pictures as well as vocabulary words. When I called my boss Sunday, she said that I was to be given a tour today…that didn’t occur. I just sat and chit-chatted, ate, met several people and that’s about it. It was also one of my co-workers’ birthdays so we had some cake. One of the older teachers made the comment that they tease her and another about being the oldest there; to which I replied, “no worries, I think I’m the youngest.” Her eyes widened and she curiously asked, “how old are you, Ashley?” To which I then sheepishly replied, “24.” They nearly died. She said her son is 20 and another teacher said her youngest brother is 26! Oops. It was all in good fun though. After work, I had to wait for Enes to get back from Izmir since we got into an accident the day before. We then went to watch a movie at a rather large and nicely done mall called Magnesia. It was cool that his phone company had some promotion where we got a ticket free and we got to choose our own seats! I also freaked out when the lights came on in the theater halfway through the film; apparently Turks can’t sit through a whole movie without a movie/smoke break. 😐 haha.

We watched “The Heat” with Sandra Bullock and it was epically hilarious! We were both dying. My friend is such a sweetheart. I know he likes me and has for two years now, but he still contains himself and doesn’t try and take advantage of me or anything like that. I felt that he wanted to hold my hand or just touch me in general but he restrained himself, which I liked and appreciated. On the other hand, I do what I want and I also had this urge, so I did it. I’m sure he was surprised. Such a sweet soul. We had some dinner before that that was interesting because as soon as the cashier found out I was American, he gave me several things!. He mixed some food up for me since I don’t eat meat; and he gave me some Turkish stringy super sweet dessert that I just didn’t like.

We had taken the bus there, which I was pleased about because I now know how to use the bus and that  it costs 2TL or get a bus pass, and we thought we could walk home but it turned out that we hadn’t calculated the distance well and we were 30 minutes out; I also don’t think that we could have found the place had we not stopped into some shop and the owner had called us a cab. As we got back to our rooms we talked a bit and i could feel that he wanted to give me a kiss..but we just hugged instead and he kissed my forehead goodnight. ^^ All was good


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