My friends’ apartment is just around the corner from the university. I stupidly thought it would be a great idea to explore the city today in the heat of the day. Obviously that wasn’t a good idea. I was totally melting away and completely winded from Istanbul and its damn hills. Nevertheless, I persevered and saw Boğaziçi’s gorgeous campus and its view to the Bosphorus sea. In one word, breathtaking. It does still retains it’s original American college atmosphere though; even after 150 years. 

After the stroll on campus I came across one of the guys I had met the night before when my friend took me to meet his buds and have some tea. This guy is sweet. Even if he went to TU… we chatted a bit about how out of shape we are and his engineering masters program and he joined me at a Chinese restaurant for lunch. It’s called Golden China and their food wasn’t anything spectacular. Afterwards, we bid each other adieu and I headed back to the apartment to rest awhile. As I was opening the door though, I see a giant bag and some other man in the apartment! eek! I froze. But I had forgotten his damn Texan roomie was coming in. haha. oops. He’s from Houston and his name is (Abdul) Rahim. We both passed out and awoke a few hours later to my friend viciously ringing the doorbell because we had both of his keys! Poor soul. We all headed out to some restaurant down the street that had mediocre food (vegetarian options at least) and sluggish wait-staff. I was a little surprised how their entire work staff, as well as all of the other restaurants around us, were male. Usually there are a few females but these places had absolutely none. Interesting. In fact, I find Turkey (again, perhaps it’s this area) to be vary male dominated. I’m not saying it’s just men, men, men, but there appears to be an over abundance of males standing around chit-chatting, smoking, and gawking. haha. 

After a quick dinner, my friend took us on a tour of the school; this was most useful to his roomie since he’s an exchange student this semester, but I was also interested in the campus, history, and view. He also showed us the Rumeli Fortress. It was dark so we couldn’t see much. Though we did see a great view of the cemetery next to it. Apparently that’s where some famous people are buried.

It should also be noted that Turkey has a stray animal “problem.” The poor dears aren’t aggressive or anything, but they just live on campus. Dogs and cats. The school has a blue tagger in their ear to show that they have indeed been vaccinated and maybe even fixed. But I saw at least 15 cats and 6 dogs. Interesting. There appears to be more cats though. Too bad since I prefer dogs..

We walked for quite awhile as he showed us the Bosphorus sea and the surrounding neighborhoods. It was a very pleasant night weather wise for such a stroll. It was cool to see Turks being Turks without a ton of Tourists around. I enjoyed that. I found it interesting how we were in the most expensive part of the city, but it still seemed really down to earth. It was upscale, but not so pretentious. Anyhoo, we had some nice ice cream (almost gelatto but not quite) and sat by the see chatting and waiting for our ride because we had walked several miles away from the apartment and nobody was trying to walk those hills again. 🙂


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