Hos Geldiniz, Ashley!

Alright. Well, I’m in Istanbul, Turkey! I arrived yesterday afternoon from an impossibly long flight. I swear it felt like the longest flight coming in at just over 11 hours! I think we were slow crawling in the air; like, for REAL! Anyhoo, I made some posts about about that that I will upload later on.

Besides being in this amazing city, something else of interest occurred; I ran into an old French exchange student that studied at OU two years ago! I couldn’t even believe it! In fact, I met her while I lived in France and convinced her to study at my university. I’m so persuasive. I also ran into some other Okies that had THE best uni presented proudly on his crimson and cream button down. It’s nice to meet your peeps wherever you go. 

After Esad and his bud Selim picked me up in their shiny white Beamer, we headed to some business plaza to grab me something to eat. We ended up eating at a pita place that served it in the region they’re from called Kayseri. I of course got a goat cheese one. My copain Esad was shocked to hear I was a vegetarian and jokingly commented that this is the first and last time that we’re eating together. HA! Such a kidder that one is. But i’m eternally grateful that that the guys were there because I’m just too weak to control my overweight suitcases, purse, and backpack. They have also insisted that I stay the weekend so that they may have more time to show me around the city. I have no objection to that! After that I headed to a Chinese restaurant with Esad’s roommate Mehmet; this guy totally ressembles a Mexican guy I hardcore crushed on Freshman year. They both have a quite way about them. I think that guys name was Sergio. While at this restaurant, one of Mehmet’s friends suddenly asked if I knew Enes. I was rather surprised and confirmed that I did in fact know Enes. I could tell there was a reason for his random question from out of the blue, but he offered no explanation for his curiosity; though I’m positive it’s from Caitlin and the rest of the guys teasing him about me; which she also offered no explanation about. I was mostly unaware of the depth of his affection for me. 

As I sit here slightly overheated with William Wallace the cat snoozing lazily next to my hip, I hear some locals going about their daily lives, and speaking their language. Now it’s starting to sink in that I am in Istanbul. A city so historic that it has basically invented history; a city so large, nearly 20 million people, that there is no shortage of people, things to do, or watch. Me? Well I’m still in the apartment. I carelessly forgot to exchange my money at the airport and everyone is away. Esad’s a gem though. He lent me 60 TL. I want a phone though. I’m going slightly insane without texting; I might have an addiction. 

Well, I’m going to go find something to get into and have curious Turks wonderingly stare at me. Yaaay! So, I’m off!…well, after I research where it is I want to see. 


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