So here’s the deal, I’m looking at masters programs. Again. I haven’t yet decided what I want to do for this chapter in my life. Though I have enjoyed teaching English to adults so far, I’m not convinced I want to do this for even the next ten years of my life. In fact, I might move on  by time I’m 30. But, until then, I’d greatly like to be considered for university jobs back home (the USA) and anywhere else in the world. So for this stage of my life, the teaching stage as I’ve dubbed it, here is a list I’ve compiled of universities whose curriculum (and name) seem to be decent.

  1. Nottingham University (Online Distance 3 years)
  2. School for International Training (2 years online w/ 2 three week summer sessions. 1 year face-to-face option)
  3. Columbia University (2 years in NYC)
  4. Hawaii Pacific University (2 years on campus)
  5. University of San Diego (2 years)
  6. NYU (2 years)
  7. Monterrey Institute
  8. American University

I’m really looking for an online program at the moment. For some reason I’m incredibly impatient and don’t want to wait until next fall to start a program. If I could I would start now; it’s impossible though. Especially when one considers that I may be without internet for some undisclosed amount of time. My problem is that I haven’t been able to tell which programs are ranked the best, most known, or have the right mix of curriculum for me. Online learning isn’t something I particularly like, but it’ll get the job done. Especially if I can take just a semesters worth of classes and then transfer the credits to a full time program at that university. I’m hoping Nottingham will do that as I’m leaning more towards them at the moment. I have some unhealthy admiration for Columbia; it’s quite possibly the most well known of all of them. Price and time are another massive factor. Schools in the US/UK are wildly overpriced. I considered some in Turkey but have since changed my mind as I’m not convinced I could find a position I’d really like after graduation. I’m also not looking for a program that doesn’t last two years. I’d prefer just one. That’s why I was looking at SIT. I know their school of thought and their unique approach to teaching. If I don’t do online at Nottingham, I’ll go to SIT, Hawaii, or Columbia; but only if I can find funding. Student debt is stupid ridiculous now and I have enough sense to not go that route this time. If anything I’d take out a loan worth no more than $5,000. What do you all think? Has anyone done a MA TESOL at any of these, online, or any others? What about a DELTA?


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