Freshman Nostalgia

Awwww! I saw one of my baby cousins today on the eve of her first day as a college student! I can’t even believe she’s old enough and following in the footsteps of me and two of our other cousins. It’s crazy how times fly. I can still remember my first year. I of course transferred in, but still, I remember it being an incredible terrible and wonderful year for me on every level. I was horribly depressed about the school and myself. Luckily for me I got into OU for my Sophomore year and my life changed for the better. Since that year, 2008, I’ve lost a grand total of 40 pounds! YERSH! That summer I ran almost every morning and during the following spring semester, I worked out like crazy. On top of that I had my first real boyfriend; and he was an exchange student from Italy. 😉 My dear sweet cousin is young and I can’t wait to see where she’ll go; far that’s for sure. I laugh when I think back to our conversation in my car on the ride to her house outside of OKC. I had to give her a rundown of everything because I’m leaving soon and I wanted to make sure that someone let her know what is up! I know how liberating, unsure, and scary your first year is-especially since I’m sure she’ll be dating soon. She even wants to follow in my footsteps a bit and date an “Italian Stallion!” Ha. Cute. Well I just let her know to contact me if she needs any help or condoms before I leave. It’s a shame people can’t talk about it without feeling ashamed, dirty, or unworthy. Societal bullshit. But to all of you new freshman out there, have a great year!


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