Quick question, has anyone taken this test? Rather, what books did you use? I’m seriously considering taking this test at the Alliance Francaise in Izmir sometime next year. I think I’m in between a B1 or B2( Intermediate) but want to be at a C1/C2 (basically fluent) and take the test. It’s an expensive test though. $200 something bucks. I’m kicking myself now that I didn’t work harder and take those classes while in France two years ago. Shoooot! I remember the books, but can’t remember specific ones. I lost the paper I had written some study guide names on that the AF in Dallas told me I could have a look at; and of course I couldn’t get ahold of them again yesterday to request this information again. Here is a list of books I found on the website (a bookstore in France). Again, has anyone used this or any other books? I’m hoping I can have a girlfriend of mine send me these study guides if I can’t get my hands on them in Turkey.

DALF study books list

  1. Grammaire progressive du français niveau avance corriges- Boulares, Michele (CLE 1999)
  2. Vocabulaire progressif du français t.2- Leroy-Miquel, Claire (CLE-1998)
  3. Production écrite niveau C1/C2- Causa, Mariella (Didier 2009)
  4. Modes d’emploi: exercices pour l’apprentissage du français- Berard, Evelyne (Didier 2007)
  5. Grammaire du français C1/C2; version international (édition 2007)–atelier FLE–Berared, Evelyne
  6. Le français au présent-Dupre La tour, Sabine (2000)
  7. Reussir le DALF- Roux, Jean-Pierre (2001)

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