Slavery by Another Name

This PBS Documentary is based on a non-fiction book written by Douglas Blackmon in 2008. It showcases a great tragedy in this country. I’m speaking about distorting black history. Even more specifically, I referring to the depths that the white elite (the US government included) went in their extortion of newly ‘freed’ African-Americans to maintain the status quo, keep blacks subordinate to whites, and crush any prosperous futures for black Americans by enslaving them in such a way that made it impossible to live a normal life.

As a member of two groups of people historically oppressed and denied in this country (African-American and Native American), I personally had heard of this as a child. I can’t say I knew of everything mentioned in this documentary though. What do you think? Have you heard of this purposefully obliterated portion of history? Does anyone see any repeats of history here?? I do.


5 thoughts on “Slavery by Another Name

  1. It looks as if we shall have to “reset” the date of formal black emancipation in America from 1865 to circa 1945 as Douglas Blackmon puts it. Ironic that the demise of “convict labor” begin in WWII and the Cold War when the US was evidently concerned that the Axis powers and then the Soviet Union during the Cold War might defend its own slave labour system in the Gulag by pointing to the South’s system of forced labor(which at least in some respects bore a suggestive similar to the Gulag Archipelago chillingly described by the late Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn) rather than any concerns for Black Americans per se. Not since I read Harriet Washington’s “Medical Apartheid: The Dark History Of Medical Experiments On Black Americans From Colonial Times To The Present” (Doubleday 2007) have I read such a chilling account of a dark chapter in American history!

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