My Lovely Turkish Friends

As I stated before, I’ve some amazing friends helping me in Turkey. I must thank my lucky stars for that. Luckily for me, I actually have a friend that I’ve known since high school (pen-pal) that is from the city I’m going to; just the northern part. Sadly, she doesn’t live there any longer, but her family does and I’m sure I’ll visit them and her; although she’s teaching English in northern Turkey. I also have a good girlfriend of mine who has ben living in Istanbul for two years now that is helping me. Her boyfriend is Turkish too. So between the two of them I have some great contacts. He’s even been so kind as to pick me up from the airport and let me crash at his place before leaving for Izmir later in the week. He’ll be my guide to the city. I can’t even wait. I’ve never heard one foul word spoken against Istanbul, or Turkey in general. Let’s cross our fingers I won’t be that one person.

After Istanbul, I have a true angel picking me up from the airport. He’s coming all the way from the capital, Ankara, to pick me up and spend his vacation helping me; he even paid for my flight there! It was dirt cheap too! I’ve never flown anywhere for $520 bucks. Twas a true shocker for him, me, and the travel agent! I’m so grateful he’ll be there though because I don’t speak Turkish and I just know they’ll try and screw me over.

Also, my friend in Istanbul has a friend whose father owns some real estate company in Manisa; hopefully he can help me out as well. His other friend has a brother and sister that work for my university and they’re already eager to meet and hang out with me. SCORE! Besides all of that I have been taking Turkish lesson from my local Raindrop Turkish House, and my darling teacher has insisted on hooking me up with some friends of hers in Manisa. Naturally, I’m obliged. 😉


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