Stromae’s “Wonderful” & “Where Are You, Papa?”

I love this man and I love these two songs!

1) Papaoutai is Stromae asking “Daddy, where are you?” This song is so powerful because so many can relate to this question. I felt the song was magnificent and the dancers in the video blew me away. I have to hand it to Stromae on this one. He is indeed the ‘maestro’. Here is the video and the lyrics.

Let me know what you think.

2) Formidable.

Wicked good this one is. The video is creative and an interesting spectacle of a star appearing quite disturbed in public. Some catch on to who he is, others seem to be concerned with this ‘mental’ guy screeching at the tram stop. The lyrics are on the screen. Which did you like? Both? Sorry Serge Ibaka, but a marriage between Stromae and I is Imminent. 😉

à plus!


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