Can I get something off my chest? I’m not as fearful this around to be going abroad to Central Asia. This time last year I had received the news that I was accepted into the Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG) program and I literally lost my breath. I had an instant mini panic attack. I obsessed about everything. From learning a language that seemed impossible (I didn’t learn it by the way), to scouring the web to find past experiences of blacks in the Republic of Georgia. Perhaps I doomed myself before I even started. As you know, I fell ill and couldn’t complete my semester stint in Georgia.

This time around, though, I’m relaxed, calm, and giddy. I’m not freaking out as I did this time last year. Perhaps a year of illness and coming from rock bottom did me a world of good. I’m not sure if I’m prepared, and indeed maybe one can never be, but I have a positive outlook on it all. I know many of you may not think so and that I might be risking my life since there are some internal conflicts in Turkey. To that, I urge you to research where I’ll be (Manisa, Turkey) and what exactly the history is behind the Gezi Park (which is in Instanbul and not where I’ll be for the majority of my time) protests and what has been done since then (this was in May my friends). Either way it goes, I feel blessed that I’m even able to go because it was certainly not without huge efforts on my family and friends’ part. Thank you all. I think I’ll write a post about the Turks I’ve met and who’ve aided me these past couple of months. 🙂
Until then mes amies, keep a thirsty ambition to see that which you’ve never seen. Gule Gule!


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