Help Studying for the GRE

As much as I lament the fact this country relies so heavily on GRE scores, I can’t deny the fact that there are many free resources available now to help with each section. Here are a few that I’ve found helpful thus far.


Grammar and Punctuation– UC Irvine
Verb tense 1
Compound Sentences
Parallel Structure
Parallel 2
Conjunction chart

Creative Specialization (you may audit courses for FREE!)


Algebra refresher
Geometry refresher
Grammar and Style


Please find an attached PDF version of the classic guide strunkwhitestyle

Or you may find it at the below website.


Because God is Sending Me Back…

Pronunciation of the Turkish Alphabet. Click here.


Explaining Europe: Teaching

Job Hunt



Job Hunt

Life has gotten me. Sorry, mes moutons. Job-hunting can be soul sucking, these sites can help.

1)How to Write a Cover letter Help/ Template

2) Strategies on How to Get that Dream Job

3) Tell Me About Yourself: How to Answer This Interview Question

4) How to Get The Job Without All of The Experience

P.S. – You’re welcome.


Cleaning: The Clean Way

It’s nothing like chemicalling-up your sanctuary while at the same time polluting it with toxins, right? Yeah, I thought you agreed with me. Take a look at this site where your Lady Savior details fresh, natural ways to clean your home, without sideline killing you in the process.


Useful sites for ESL Teaching